Carol Mason, Founding member

Many forces attract and draw me to the Fellowship….the people are my tribe. I have opportunities for my own spiritual growth. I can help make the world a better place through our social justice efforts. All these are important to me, but the unique experience of worshiping each Sunday in the out of doors is special.  The cry of the hawk. The clouds drifting over my head. The aromatic fragrance of buckwheat, eucalyptus, and ceanothus alert my other senses. Even the breeze and cool marine layer of fog remind me that I am in a place that brings great joy. I am in a place in the universe where the forces of nature and of human beings have come together. Here in the middle of Solana Beach, in the middle of corporate thrash and urban push I can experience the wild shrubs and bird cries and feel grateful for the peace, joy and solace our Fellowship provides me every week.

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