Start thinking of Earth Day with a Good Book – AT HOME

Start thinking of Earth Day with a Good Book!
But please stay safe at home.

Live meeting cancelled.
Circle the continent of Australia in A Long Way from Home (2018), the 14th novel by Peter Carey. The 1954 Redex Trail is the vehicle for a breakneck, eye-opening adventure that also dips into Aboriginal history.

Live meeting cancelled
(The February meeting of this group was cancelled.)
In Richard Powers’ 12th novel, The Overstory (2018), the lives of many disparate individuals are woven into the living world around them. If the trees around us could speak, what would they tell us? And to whom would they talk?
Members of the Environmental Action Task Force (EATF) in particular are invited to read this book.

The Racial Justice Book Club will be reading the memoir The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border (2018)
by Francisco Cantú. This author writes stunningly about the beauty of the desert. The son of a park ranger, Cantú grew up in the southwest. When he joined the Border Patrol, he became witness to the stark realities of our southern border, where the obligations of his job weighed heavy against his values.

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