Seven Actions You Can Take Right Now

As we try to find ways to deal with the recent mass shootings and all of Gun Violence there are options for action. This article was written by San Diegians 4 Gun Violence Prevention (SD4GVP). Choose one of the seven options for action. Participate! Contact Steve Bartram at for more information. Help him get his help.

Dear GVP Supporters and Activists,

After the tragedies of this weekend, we’re asking ourselves yet again, what can we do? 
The answer is SPEAK OU!  

Seven Actions You Can Take Right Now 


  1. Call Senator Mitch McConnell – 202 224 2541
    Since Senator Mitch McConnell assumed his role as Senate Majority Leader on January 3, 2015, there have been 1,654 mass shootings in America. That’s almost one mass shooting PER DAY. That includes Vegas, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Parkland, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, San Bernardino, Thousand Oaks, Virginia Beach, Gilroy, Brooklyn, and now El Paso and Dayton — plus more than 1,640 others.

    Tell Senator McConnell to stop this bloodshed.  Tell him to bring up for a Senate vote the bi-partisan background check legislation that passed the House months ago.  Phone: 202-224-2541. His mailbox was full as of 1 pm Thursday, August 8, 2019; but please keep trying. 

  2. Send the US Senate a message 
    U.S. Senate leadership has had over 200 days to pass gun safety legislation and save lives. In just the first weekend of August, 31 people were killed in mass acts of gun violence in 24 hours, and on average 100 Americans will be shot and killed every day.  Click to tell the Senate to stop the bloodshed
  3. Sign a Petition
    Donald Trump has spent the past three years in office vilifying his opponents, minority groups, and anyone who stands up to oppose him. His misguided words read from a teleprompter are too little, too late.  The following GVP organizations are collecting signatures to tell the Congress to pass common-sense gun safety measures.  Sign one or all: 


  5. Submit a letter to the editor
    Use this link to express your thoughts about Congress’s inaction on gun-sense legislation.  It’s best to refer to a specific article about the recent shootings. 
  6. Call your Representative 
    Here are some of the current GVP bills.  Has he/she co-sponsored?  Thank him/her or ask why not.  You can find your Representative here.  

    If you are in Mike Levin’s district, consider attending his town hall on August 22.


  8. Join our monthly meeting 
    September 7, 10:00-12:00.  RSVP to and if you need the address please include your phone number and one our team will call you. 

  10. Educate yourself on the topic of gun violence in the United States
    The following article give a comprehensive overview:  NY Times:  How to Reduce Shootings

    Check out this course from Coursera: Reducing Gun Violence in America 

    Subscribe to The Trace to keep updated on the problem of gun violence, the facts and the myths.


We are not holding a rally or a vigil at this time, but we will have our annual vigil in December, in collaboration with Newtown Foundation.  In 2012 we promised, “We will never forget.”  This will be our 7th Annual Vigil to remember the Sandy Hook children and all the victims of gun violence since. 

And most important – do not give up hope!  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  We will get there in the end.