Notice of Updates to Policy and Procedures

The Board has set a goal of updating our Policy & Procedures.
Here is what we have accomplished so far:

    • Policy 140- Gifts to UUFSD– states that all gifts over $500 must be reviewed and approved by the Board, unless they are going to the General Fund, the Minister or DRE Discretionary Funds. Exceptions are funds raised from an approved fundraiser.
    • Policy 310- Hiring of Staff & Personnel– updated to reflect our current positions and practice. Specifies which staff cannot be members at time of hire.
    • Policy 350- Hiring of Contractors & Other Professionals– updated to address bidding process and require contractors to possess Workman’s Compensation Insurance.
    • Policy 401- Committee Operations– amended to include requirement that committee chairs and program leaders be UUFSD members

Our Policy & Procedure manual is available in hard copy in the office, or via our webpage About-Governance-Policies & Procedures. You will also find our bylaws and board meeting minutes under Governance.

UUFSD Board of Directors