Newtown Foundation Gun Control Message

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Of San Dieguito,

The following message is one for our action. It comes from the Newtown Foundation. It is something we can do in this time of real chaos and concern for our society. Write or call your MOC and tell them to enact these pieces of legislation.

A black man named Jason Blake was shot seven times by a police officer on August 23rd, and a 17-year-old white male who was armed with an assault weapon was arrested after the shooting incident that left two dead and one injured at the protest on August 25th in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Our hearts are breaking for Jason Blake, the other gun violence victims, their families and community. In too many cities and towns in America, unarmed Black men get shot by police while white vigilantes or extremists are allowed to openly carry their AR-15s and other guns in our streets.

There are policy solutions to fix the gun violence problem in our nation. We implore all local, state and federal elected leaders to support GVPedia’s Denver Accord, a comprehensive policy recommendation to end all forms of gun violence including police violence. The Denver Accord acknowledges that 1) Guns do not make us safer; 2) Gun violence in America is a pervasive public health crisis that demands substantial policy solutions and well-funded programs that effectively reduce gun violence; 3) Equitable and just enforcement of gun laws is paramount; and 4) Everyone has the right to live free from violence.

In response to the Kenosha shootings, we implore 1) Donald Trump and the Senate to immediately pass Representative Karen Bass’s bill H.R.7120, George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 that was passed out of the House of Representatives on June 25, 2020; 2) the House of Representatives to pass Representative David Cicilline’s bill H.R.1296, Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 that has 216 cosponsors; and 3) state legislatures and local leaders to pass common sense gun laws.

We need action on all levels of government. Elected leaders from towns and cities from states without preemption laws have the authority to pass ordinances or local laws to protect its citizens. Here in Newtown, we have asked the Newtown Legislative Council to 1) ban open carry; 2) ban guns on town-owned property; and 3) ban guns at public protests, demonstrations, rallies, vigils, and marches. After George Floyd was killed by a police officer on May 25, 2020, #BlackLivesMatter supporters have been holding rallies and protests all across the nation including right here in Newtown. In many communities, guns are being used by counter-protesters and vigilantes to threaten our ability to exercise our first amendment rights. Until gun extremists are required to leave their guns at home, our safety is threatened.

If the current local, state and national leaders refuse to enact common sense gun control laws, then it’s time for us to replace them. Saving lives must be a priority for all.

Po Murray
Chairwoman, Newtown Action Alliance

Posted by Steve Bartram