News from the Mountain Top

Dear Campers and Camp Supporters:

Happy New Year! There is no doubt in my mind that a good dose of determination will propel humankind forward into a better year in 2021. And together as UU’s we can lift one another to a more positive mindset. May your “wings” be uplifted by our collective spirit of hope and goodwill. My deepest gratitude goes out to so many of you who have opened your hearts and hands to support our beloved Camp through some pretty devastating events in 2020.

Without income from camper fees in 2020, fundraising on a large scale was essential to staying afloat. So many of you arrived at camp to help stain buildings, rake for fire clearance, and fill sandbags. Your loving hands were critical to getting the work done. With over 10,000 sandbags filled and placed, the camp staff and board members are in awe of your willingness to pitch in with the dirty work. Thank you!

Our camping ministries staff have been busy planning a virtual Elementary Winter Camp for youth in grades K-5. You can find more information under “Upcoming Events”. Love from the mountain top is flowing your way as Camp Connect offers a series of workshops, performances, and discussions hosted by talented leaders—these virtual sessions are both informative and engaging. It isn’t quite the same as being at camp, but it keeps us all connected. And we like that! See below to find out what others are saying about the Camp Connect experience.

We are looking toward fall 2021 when we hope to resume a modified camping season on the mountain top. Until that time, your commitment to the survival of Camp de Benneville Pines, and your continued support, both financial and physical, is critically important. With your sustaining support, we will surely make it to the other side of the COVID-crisis.

Let’s look forward to Camp’s 60th anniversary year with excitement and make 2021 a year to celebrate! We will be unveiling plenty of 60th-anniversary fun as the year rolls on, culminating in a big party once it is safe to gather together. Yes, hope is on the horizon! Hang in there.

Be safe and stay healthy. I cherish you all.

Janet James
Executive Director,
Your Beloved Camp