Music Notes

Hi friends,

Marshall here. I’ve so enjoyed spending Sunday mornings together as I settle into my new role as Music Director. I’m looking forward to many more.

I admit that starting this role during a global pandemic has me somewhat perplexed. What’s the best way to direct a choir that can’t meet together in person? How can I gauge how our hymns and songs land during services when I’m the only person I can hear singing? What’s the best way to build relationships and get to know this community in a socially distant way? I think the answer, to these and so many other questions right now, is to make the most of the creative opportunities presented by current limitations.

Our choir has started meeting again on Thursday evenings over Zoom. We spend our first few minutes chatting and checking in, and then warm up with vocal exercises and the coming Sunday’s hymns. Our big project for the next couple of months will be to prepare a “virtual choir” performance for our Music Sunday service this December, so we are working on that, as well. It’s not the same as meeting in person, but it’s been fun so far.

I’ve had the chance to meet with our Fellowship band (virtually). They will be our musical guests on Sunday, Oct. 25, with an awesome homemade music video. What a blessing to have these musicians in our midst. Be sure to tune in that morning!

I also want to give big shoutouts here to Katie Klaerich and Joe Cantrell. Katie records new videos almost every week for our preludes and postludes, and will be featured in our virtual choir project. Joe is simply a whiz. In addition to managing our Zoom services live each Sunday morning, Joe also prepares all of the “extras,” such as lyric slides for hymns, pre-recorded music and videos, etc. If you’ve been impressed with how smooth our services have gone, as I have been, you have Joe to thank.

That’s it, for now. Please know that you are more than welcome to join the choir for a night without committing to weekly rehearsals. We meet on Thursdays at 7pm, and would be happy to welcome you. Here is the Zoom link for that (coming soon).

Sending love and warm wishes to you all, and I hope we can make some music together soon.

In harmony,

Posted by Marshall Voit