Knowledge or Certainty by Mike Reeske

Mile Reeske to speak on the topic, “Knowledge or Certainty,” July 11th service.

Please join us, in person or via zoom to experience a provocative talk by a very interesting speaker. According to Mike, people long for certainty and absolute truths. However, he believes there is no absolute knowledge. And those that claim it, whether they are scientists or dogmatists, open the door to tragedy. All information is imperfect. We have to treat it with humility. That is the human condition.

Science is a very human form of knowledge. We are always at the brink of what is known; we always feel for what is to be hoped. Every judgment in science stands on the edge of error, and is personal. Science is a tribute to what can be known although we are fallible.

After retiring as a scientist and educator, Mike began what is now an 8 year effort, to bring heirloom dry beans to more people as a fantastic super food that is both very flavorful and great for personal health. Some people from UUFSD have already been to his Rio Del Rey Heirloom Bean Farm in Valley Center and Mike invites anyone from UUFSD to visit the farm to learn more about farming the heirloom beans…among other educational experiences. Contact Mike at or

Posted by Livia Walsh