Intergenerational Environmental Art Project — CANCELLED

Intergenerational Environmental Art Project

This is the first of two sessions, the second will be at DeBenneville.
It is open to everyone!! If you are under 11 years old, you need to have a parent with you.
We will use waste material to create an environmental art installation that will be an immersive experience for viewers/participants. Our creations will be displayed throughout the UUFSD campus during Earth Month (April) to remind our congregation about environmental problems.
Please bring the following WASTE material (can be dropped off anytime after March 1):
• old tarps, sheets, towels, drop cloths, plywood, etc.
• Old rope, cord, fishing line, ties,
• old thin flimsy dry cleaning bags & other clean transparent plastic bags
• netting
• recyclable plastic bottles, cans, bags, NO GLASS
• art supplies (please bring ahead of time so that we don’t buy): acrylic paints, varnish, brushes, markers, staplers, tape, glue gun, poster board, sticks to hold up posters, etc……
• Containers for water and paint
• Hammers (with your name), nails, screws, screw drivers.
This project will be lead by Greg Brown and Andi Macleod. If you have questions, ask them or ask Laura Colban.