Information and Handouts for the May 22 Congregational Forum

Dear Fellow Members of UUFSD,

As you know, there will be a Congregational Forum this Sunday, May 22, 2022, following the service. We will be discussing our finances and getting your input into next year’s budget and staffing options. We expect it to start at 11:15 and run for about 45 minutes.

We will not be voting on anything, just sharing information, answering questions, and getting your feedback so we can balance the budget with your input. A month later, at the Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 26, 2022, we will vote to accept the final balanced budget, which will have incorporated your feedback.

At the forum, we will first bring you up to date on the search for an interim Minister. Then we will briefly go over the current financials, the pledge drive results, the asked-for budget, and where we have room to make choices.

Because we will be in the amphitheater, we will be using handouts. These handouts are available in advance HERE. We encourage you to download and read them ahead of time. We will also have copies available at the meeting.

Finally, we will be asking for your feedback on five areas of the budget. They are: RE Staffing, Music Staffing, AV Staffing, Child Care Staffing, and UUA annual dues. We need to know where you think we can make do with volunteers, and where you think we absolutely must have paid professional staff. We will also be polling you about how strongly you feel about paying UUA Dues. This important exercise will help us and the Finance Committee to formulate a balanced budget for your approval on June 26.

Note that in response to multiple requests, we will be both streaming and recording this congregational forum. For the June 26th Annual Congregational Meeting, you will still need to attend in person in order to participate and vote to approve the new Board members, Board President, Board Vice President, and the budget.

In Fellowship,

Your 2021-2022 Board of Directors:
Liora Kian-Gutierrez (President)
Brenda Post (Vice President)
Chris Butler
Louise Garrett
Angie Knappenberger
Cathy Leach-Phillips
Livia Walsh