Important Leadership Opportunity

Important leadership role: 7 months

At its recent meeting, the UUFSD Board of Directors sadly accepted Duane Kiddy’s resignation and expressed gratitude for his thoughtful and enthusiastic leadership. On behalf of the congregation, we want to acknowledge Duane’s many roles: Vice President, Liaison to the Religious Education and Nominating Committees, and so much more. Thank you Duane!

In accordance with UUFSD Bylaws, the Board of Directors will appoint another congregation member to serve Duane’s remaining term, which ends June 30, 2022.

What is the term of service?
November, 2021 thru June, 2022

What are Board Member responsibilities?
These excellent resources describe roles and responsibilities. The Board currently meets twice per month for 90 minutes.

Here are the links:
• UUFSD Bylaws
• Board Member Responsibilities
• Officers Responsibilities

Can the appointed Board Member serve an additional term?
Yes. In accordance with the Bylaws, the appointed Board Member may be elected to a 3-year term at the next Annual Meeting (June, 2022).

We’d like to hear from you!!

You, or someone you know, may feel called to service in this very important time. Here’s the link to share your ideas, concerns and throw your hat in the ring

Serving with Grace
Seven UUFSD members volunteer service as leaders with oversight responsibility and authority for UUFSD’s ministry and operations. The appointee will serve with:
• Liora Kian-Gutierrez, President
• Brenda Post, Vice President
• Scott Elliott
• Louise Garrett
• Angie Knappenberger
• Sarah Miller

To get in touch with Nominating Committee members Cheryl Close, Susan Hahm and Wenda Alvarez, please email:

Take good care
UUFSD covenants to be a religious community of caring by offering compassionate support to members and friends in our Fellowship in times of need. Let us know how you’re doing.

UUFSD Nominating Committee
Cheryl Close
Susan Hahm
Wenda Alvarez

Posted by Wenda Alvarez