Enjoying Services in the Amphitheater

Enjoying our services in the Amphitheater is something we all appreciate. The UUFSD Board, with input from our AV technician and Music Director, would like to clarify the criteria in making the important decision about having the Sunday service outside or inside.

Decisions are made by 7:30 AM by the AV technician or set-up staff. The goal is always to ensure the safety and comfort of our Fellowship members, as well as protecting the electrical equipment. While there will be unique situations that are not addressed by these criteria, these are the general guidelines. We CAN have the service outside if:

  1. there is not dampness that can cause electrical hazards, wet seating and unsafe steps;
  2. it is at least 58 degrees (according to a weather app) one hour before the first service;
  3. there is not excessive mud or debris in the amphitheater; and
  4. there is little to no chance of rain.

Additionally, there are certain Sundays where the music requires that we are inside. If you have questions, please ask a Board Member and not the Minister or other staff.

Thank you!