Encinitas 4 Equality Survey

UUFSD Encinitas Residents!

Tom Packard and I are working with the Encinitas 4 Equality Public Safety Group. Tom was on the team that developed this survey, so please take a few minutes to respond.
Robin Sales, SJA

Encinitas for Equality (E4E) is trying to get the pulse on public safety concerns. Our goal is to understand Encinitas residents’ views on issues surrounding local public safety, with the aim of informing our local leaders on ways to best support our community.

Please consider completing this short completely anonymous survey to help our community better understand these issues and to provide your ideas on ways to address them.

Encinitas Public Safety

Please share with your neighbors, friends, and other community members -we are trying to hear from as many community members as possible and from as many perspectives as possible. And massive apologies if you’ve received this email more than once.

Posted by Robin Sales