Congregational Record Posted

Search News—Congregational Record Posted. What’s Next.

On December 2, our Congregational Record went live on the UU Association’s Ministry Search jobs board. Ministers from across the nation are now able to examine it, and they have until New Year’s Day to decide whether to express interest in UUFSD. On January 2 we will receive from the UUA the names and Ministerial Record (a sort of expanded résumé ) of those who may express interest. Your Search Committee will immediately begin to contact the ministers and arrange interviews.

The Congregational Record reflects our Fellowship’s history and the input from the cottage meetings and survey, as compiled by your Search Committee and vetted by the Board, our Transitions Coach, and the UUA’s Transitions Office in Boston. It is posted to our website here.

Your Search Committee will host a general meeting in January in Founders’ Hall to provide the congregation with feedback from the survey and cottage meetings, and to discuss next steps. Thanks to so many for participating in our discernment process. In the meantime, we will continue to be available after services at the Search Committee table in the Core Area