Campus Beautification and Maintenance – November 2022

Thanks to Betsy Gil[pin, Lisa Shaffer, Chris Faller, Jim Hagan, Ed Mlakar, Terry Parsons, Julie Fry, Erilyn, Darren and Kellen, Karen and Mike Kowalski.

Removed dead yucca plants & watered plants around the campus, trimmed the plants around the podium, dug up the brick pavers and installed new path lights on the stairs by the Sandy Hill office, removed many trees limbs & bushes that were too close to buildings, hung Fellowship Banner in Founders Hall, prepared the site for the future surveillance camera in the upper parking lot, installed new path lights on the west wall in the Core area, repaired the flat tire on the wheelbarrow, installed decorative lighting on the lower bridge.

Our Youngest Building and Grounds Volunteer Kellen, age 7, and his mother Erilynn had fun partially filling the dumpster with pine needles . it was amazing to take many wheelbarrows full of pine needles down and still feel like they didn’t make a dent!

Posted by Irv Himelblau