Call for Endowment Grant Applications

Call for Endowment Grant Applications

Fellowship members and Committees are invited to submit applications for grants funded by our Endowment. Applications are due to the Planned Giving Committee by April 15, 2021 and, if grant applications are recommended to and approved by the congregation at our June meeting, funds will be disbursed to grantees shortly afterward. A brief form (link below) is requested to be used for submitting grant applications to the Planned Giving Committee, in order to explain the project’s name, purpose, cost, and how it is proposed to be carried out and evaluated.

Grants may be requested for any project, need, or use that is consistent with UU values. Examples include social justice, community outreach, UU camps and schools, local social service agencies, programs for those in our community in spiritual or economic need, campus renovation or maintenance, or other projects. Grants must be for activity not otherwise covered by the regular UUFSD budget or grants from other organizations.

Since the current value of the UUFSD Endowment is relatively modest ($115,000), and since this is the first year of evaluating and distributing grants, the aggregate of grants is likely to be several thousand dollars at most, and individual grants proportionately less. Requesters are asked to keep their requests consistent with this reality.


Grant request form

A video “Introduction to the UUFSD Endowment

Posted by Mark Tuller