California – Stop Ghost Guns!

June is GVP month. Please take a moment to read this post and use the link below to cast your vote to STOP GHOST GUNS.

California has strong gun laws, but there’s a problem: Ghost guns let people get around those laws, and it’s making gun violence worse.

Ghost guns are do-it-yourself guns made from parts that anyone can buy. It means teenagers and people with dangerous histories can make guns at home from kits—no background check, no questions asked.

The California Assembly is about to vote on a bill to stop ghost guns. To prove that Californians want to pass this bill into law, we need to show lawmakers that thousands of gun safety advocates like you are on board. We need the full support of our movement: Add your name to the petition to stop ghost guns HERE.

Thank you for taking action,

California Advocacy Team
Everytown for Gun Safety

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