Building & Grounds Commitee Update

We had a very productive day today, May 14.

Debbie H. power washed the art retaining wall in the core area removing much dirt & grime.
Debbie H. power wash
Debbie & Betsy added another coat of stain to the amphitheater podium.
We finished staining the remaining benches and put a coat of paint on the Fellowship Hall podium.
Debbie stained the “Love” sign.
Also, Debbie & Betsy filled up the dumpster with weeds and brush.

I will be at the site Tuesday may 19 9AM to try & chip away at the list as it presently stands:

  • Sweep leaves and shovel sand as needed in the Amphitheater and Core. ​
  • Cut brush around path lights.​
  • Fix faulty path light
  • Replace ‘Exit’ bulbs in the Hall
  • Pull weeds and trim brush along the paths, around the parking lots and at the classrooms.
  • Paint white lines on amphitheater step
  • Sand / stain benches and tables in core area- power wash core brick pavers WORKING ON IT – Debbie H, Jon L, Betsy & Ed
  • Sand / stain Amphitheater podium
  • Replace torn sandbags on the slope behind amphitheater
  • Fix sprinklers/ soaker Michael Scott
  • Dig out drain pit between YRUU Bldg & Parking lot
  • Dig out YRUU Bldg patio
  • Paint front steps
  • Paint bridges


Ed Mlakar
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Ed Mlakar