Autumn with UUFSD Bookclubs

The Monday evening group is reading a science-based transformative history, 1491 (Second Edition): New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann. In a rich and fascinating world we only thought we knew, Native Americans before colonization were not living lightly on the land but were landscaping and manipulating their world in ways that we are only now beginning to understand.  We will discuss this book at 7pm on October 14th. 

On Thursday, October 17th at 10am, our daytime group will be discussing the novel Exit West by Mohsin Hamid.A reflection on what it means to be a refugee, displaced, unable to return home and unwelcome anywhere else, the story is also one of friendship and magic.

For questions or comments, email or call/text Cathy Leach-Phillips at 650 224-1974. The book groups meet in the UUFSD Library.