A Bridge to the Future

We are so blessed to have this property. Most of us had nothing to do with funding or building the various facilities on our campus. But we do have everything to do with maintaining and preserving them. If not us, who?

SO: we invite you to a virtual “bridge raising,” like early settlers held barn raisers, with the whole community contributing. In this case, we are asking our community to raise the funds and we are using a professional to do the work. Until the work gets done, we are not able to access the amphitheater, so this is time-critical!

We are already more than halfway to our goal of $21k, thanks to early anonymous donors. If you are able, we invite you to join them and buy a plank (or two) for $100 each. Or buy a portion of a plank. Any and all contributions are welcome and important.

If you or your child went through a bridging ceremony here at UUFSD, you can buy a plank in honor of that rite of passage. If you know someone who bridged but isn’t currently active at the Fellowship, maybe you can reach out and share this opportunity with them. You and some friends could pool your resources and buy a plank together to mark your friendship. Maybe each committee can donate one.

To donate, go to Breeze and choose Give to Special Collection – Bridge Repair on the online giving pull-down menu. Or you can use any option for payment on our Website by putting “Bridge Repair Fund” in the memo line, including sending a check to the office. Thank you!

Posted by Lisa Shaffer