Unitarian Universalism aspires to make our world a better place for all living things. We view ourselves as part of an interconnected web of existence, and understand that actions that we take can reverberate well beyond the confines of our immediate community.

To meet our responsibilities, we engage in projects that assist those in immediate need, empower those who require new skills and resources to take control of their lives, and preserve the ecological balance of our planet.

Community Resource Center Food Pantry

Every Thursday from 10 am until 12:30 pm, we help CRC clients “shop” for food and household items from the client center’s pantry shelves. To sign up or for more information, visit our Sign Up Genius page at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409054fa8a823ab9-volunteering or contact Betsy Gilpin at CRC@uufsd.org. No experience necessary!

San Diego Food Bank

San Diego Food BankOn the 1st Thursday of each month we volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank in the Miramar area, just 20 minutes from UUFSD! It’s always from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Anyone over 7 years old can help! We mostly put food in boxes on an assembly line. It’s really easy and requires no lifting, no bending, great camaraderie. This is a wonderful way of helping locally those in need and strengthening our UUFSD community as well. The San Diego Food Bank distributes over 20 million pounds of food annually to individuals, families and a network of nonprofit organizations that work to alleviate hunger throughout San Diego county. They need our help! For more information contact Sara Ohara at sara@SaraOhara.com

Environmental Justice

SAC Green Sanctuary 1The Environmental Justice Task Force is committed to providing information and leading actions that support more sustainable decisions both at home and at UUFSD.  A Fellowship survey found that members were most interested in reducing waste and increasing recycling at UUFSD, exploring options for a solar system installation, and investing UUFSD reserves in socially responsible funds. To that end, we developed guidelines to reduce waste, a commitment to have solar panels at the fellowship, and are committed to investing in socially responsible funds. We have an education series, ”Potlucks with a Purpose,” for members to learn about and discuss a number of environmental topics. The Task Force also prepares special events for Earth Month (April). To get more information and be placed on the email list, contact Linda Giannelli Pratt or Debbie Hecht at EJTF@uufsd.org

Gun Violence Prevention

The GVP group keeps up to date on GVP issues. We plan and conduct continuing events that support Gun Violence Prevention initiatives. These include a December Candlelight Vigil, in conjunction with Faiths United, the Brady Campaign, and the Newtown Foundation, as part of the Sabbath Weekend in support of GVP. Our partner organizations are the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, The Newtown Action Alliance, and Everytown for Gun Safety. For more information contact Steve Bartram at GVP@uufsd.org

Casas de Luz

Cases de Luz brings volunteers together with families in need to build houses and community centers in Mexico. The families selected for a home build have the rights to the land, a minimum of three children, and a weekly income of less than $100. The cost of the materials for these homes is paid for through fundraisers and UUFSD offerings in Sunday services. Volunteer builders from ages 11 to 80 arrive in Mexico early on Saturday to help construct these pre-planned homes, with the help of a few skilled workers from both sides of the border. The Casas de Luz program provides ongoing support for these families in the form of education for the children and additional donations of food, clothing, and special needs items, such as a wheelchair. The program incorporates UUFSD initiatives, such as recycling of materials (windows, appliances, doors); donations of used items that can be put to good use rather than filling up our land fills. For more information contact Kathy Faller at casasdeluz@uufsd.org

Human Rights Task Force

The Human Rights Task Force holds information/educational orientations on human rights issues. We conduct a yearly “Beloved Conversations” Workshop” for racial justice. We partner with a broad number of organizations involved in immigration, race relations, LGBTQ, and world affairs. Our human rights initiatives include support for immigration reform and education, the global refugee crises, Palestinian rights and economic justice among others. If you are interested in participating please contact Irving Himelblau at HumanRights@uufsd.org.


On a monthly basis, our Dignity Supplies group provides toiletries, socks, and other items to homeless persons. The distribution takes place at the Encinitas CRC facility, between 10:00 am and noon. Contact DignitySupplies@uufsd.org.

Each fall/winter, we participate at the Interfaith Rotational Shelter Project held at St. James Catholic Church in Solana Beach. Participants are homeless and in a case management program through the Community Resource Center in Encinitas. If you are interested in participating please contact Irving Himelblau at homelessness@uufsd.org.

UUFSD Women of the World conducts a yearly “Giving Tree Project.” The purpose of this project is to provide winter survival items for at least 15 homeless persons. The backpacks are distributed during the Christmas Holiday season. Contact WomenoftheWorld@uufsd.org

Mental Health

We support mental health and fight the stigma of mental illness with awareness, education and opportunities to share coping and caring strategies. For additional information, contact MentalHealth@uufsd.org.

UUFSD Indivisible Patriots

Indivisible Patriots invite you to live the UU Fifth Principle of utilizing the democratic process in society at large. Visit our table in the Core Area between services on the first Sunday of each month. You can write a postcard to your elected official and register to vote. We’ll also provide short demonstrations on how to use two free tools that make phoning and faxing your elected officials fast and easy. The time to engage your elected representatives is now! Contact indivisible@uufsd.org

Back To School Backpack Project

This is a yearly project.  Backpacks and donations of school supplies are collected from July through August. Our goal is to collect at least 100 backpacks and fill them with supplies. The backpacks are distributed to several nonprofit agencies including our sister organizations in the Colonias of Tijuana. Contact backpacks@uufsd.org

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