Parent Effectiveness Training

For Parent, Grandparents,
and People who work with children and youth

Learn how to stop angry outbursts, increase cooperation and enable children and youth to solve their own problems. It teaches parents, grandparents, and people who care for children and youth how to raise thoughtful, independent, people. Kelly Meier, Certified Instructor and Mom of 2, leads the class in a friendly, easy to apply way.

12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
January 15th – March 12th
(Excludes President’s Weekend, 2/19)

from puzzlement and frustration to understanding
from tantrums, arguments, defiance to cooperation
from rude indifference to initiative and responsibility
from anxiety and helplessness to confidence
form anger, hurt, resentment to respect, trust, and love

Tuition: $299.00 per person, $449.00 per couple (includes textbook and workbook)

To register contact Kelly Meier (619) 876-8402 or
register online at:

Free childcare provided for Fellowship members and regular attendees of the Fellowship. Partial scholarships are available, please contact Alison A.G.L.M. Crotty for childcare or scholarships.

Nov 6 and Nov 13 — Dining 4 Dollar$ Sign-Up Sundays

Sign up for community get togethers and help raise funds for the fellowship between and after service on Sunday, November 6 and Sunday, November 13.

D4$ has about 30 events to choose from—from fine dining to family outings, barbecues, and singalongs.

To see a complete list of events with dates, times, and prices, please visit

If you can’t make it to Sign-Up Sunday on November 6 or 13, but would like to sign up for an event, please contact Glen and Alice at or (760) 721-6327 to make your reservation.

News from the Kitchen

Have you ever thought about volunteering for the Sunday snacks? –well here is all you need to know. There are three “shifts”

Set Up: Ideally this is 2 volunteers. You will be with a buddy/Debbie the first couple times you sign up. It’s more fun this way! Usually it takes about a half hour to prepare the snacks, set out plates, etc. then right before the service ends, (usually during final song) the ‘set up’ volunteer(s) leave to place the snacks on the table. That’s it! Thank You 🙂

Refresh: Bring any remaining snacks/food back into the kitchen approximately 10-15 minutes before second service and “refresh”, meaning cut new fruit, muffins, fill up cracker/bread plates. Then just as the ‘set up’ volunteer, return to the kitchen during final song, (approximately 5-10 minutes before end of service and place food on refreshment table. That’s it! Thank you 🙂

Clean Up: Ideally 2 volunteers, about a half hour after refreshments start, begin clearing away kitchen counters, filling dish washer with coffee cups and then when people are done enjoying snacks, bring leftovers in, cover and keep what we can. Compost or donate what won’t keep.

The most important thing is to ENJOY YOURSELF and have FUN! Remember, you can’t make a mistake:). It’s just coffee and snacks!

you can sign up using “sign up genius” look for uufsd sunday snacks- or email Walk ins are always welcome.

Look at you calendar, do you have 1 hour to give to the uufsd kitchen?