June 4: Food Bank Volunteer Night


Food Bank Volunteer Night – Thursday June 4

Join us at the San Diego Food Bank in the Miramar area; just 20 minutes from UUFSD! It’s always from 6:00 – 8:00 PManyone over 7 years old can help! Mostly we just put food in boxes on an assembly line or bag fresh produce – really easy, no lifting, no bending, great camaraderie.

In the words of one of our very wise young helpers, Cameron, we did “Amazingly Well” in May: 480 boxes – 14, 400 LBS of food was prepared – in just 2 hours! Each box contained a bag of beans, a box of pasta, a can of tomato sauce, a can of chicken and tuna, a bottle of juice and a box of cereal….If you let this sink in it’s hard to believe this sort of small portions is so needed by so many who live in our neighborhoods here in San Diego….we can’t solve the world problems but we can make a difference right here, right now, one small effort at a time.

This is a wonderful way of helping locally those in need and strengthening our UUFSD community as well. The San Diego Food Bank distributes over 20 million pounds of food annually to individuals, families and a network of nonprofit organizations that work to alleviate hunger throughout San Diego county. They need our help!

Email Sara Ohara TO REGISTER and for more information:

Mental Health Matters Forum & Dinner


UUFSD Wisdom Wednesday: “Mental Health Matters”

What: Dinner and program
When: Wednesday, May 27, 6:30 p.m.
Where:  UUFSD: 1036 Solana Drive, Solana Beach, CA  92075

Register by Tue., 5/26 (We need a meal preparation head count)

Do you love someone who lives with mental illness?

To fight stigma, and share coping and caregiving strategies, parents and mental health professionals from our UUFSD community celebrate Wisdom Wednesday with food for the body and mind. May is Mental Health Awareness month!  Join us for a powerful, information-packed program and for dinner, prepared by Rev D.

Living with Mental Illness:
Personal and Parental Perspective

  • Glenn Bortnick, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist, School Psychologist, Vista Unified School District
  • Sandy Washington, Registered Medical Assistant (retired), living with Bipolar disorder

Crisis: How to prepare and what to expect in a hospital emergency department.
Kelly Kelsoe, LCSW, Scripps Hospital Emergency Department

Treatment Options, Finding Providers
Robin Sales, LCSW, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Anne Clarkin, LCSW, Psychotherapist, UCSD Eating Disorders Research and Treatment Center

Introduction by
Christie Turner

Watch Coming of Age Youth Build a House in MX!


UUFSD’s Coming of Age youth build a 320 sf wood frame home for the Martinez family in Tijuana Mexico! Upon arrival Saturday morning there was a concrete slab foundation and a stack of lumber, by Sunday noon the home was finished. The inside has two bedrooms and a main kitchen/living room. The windows and door were repurposed from homes in San Diego. The youth learned to do all of the building including the electrical wiring. It made a big impression seeing the single room garage door shack that the family had been living in to their new brightly painted new home. GREAT Job All!

Coming of Agers: Jie Jie Bouchekara, Elisa Boutelle, Charlotte Cunningham, Eva Douwes, Keaton Elvins, Lily Franzwa, Alex Giolitto, Guthry Hahm, Carly Hanson, Kendra Kleber, Carolyn, Knapp, Ian Linn, Finn Mallery, Ricky Masser-Frye, Madeleine Masser-Frye, Kate Milmoe, Zoe Sandberg-Smith, Logan Schlick, Paul Steitz

Young Adults: Darren, Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, Marie, Erilyn

1 or 2 Services Survey

Two years ago the Board proposed, and the Congregation agreed, to offer two Sunday services and evaluate the results after a year. The goal was to accommodate more participants in our services, recognizing physical space limits in Founders Hall and parking constraints in our lot. As I told Rev D at the time, if we want more UU’s in the world, we have to give them somewhere to sit. The transition to two services, we hoped, would lead to membership growth, increased RE enrollment, and relieve some of our seating and parking challenges. We also recognized that it would require increased staff time and additional volunteers, as well as adjustments to our traditions for coffee and conversation in the core area. At last year’s Congregational meeting, it was agreed to continue for another year, with some adjustments including funding for paid RE teachers and helpers to make up for lack of volunteers. The Board agreed to do a final evaluation this year, which we are doing now. If you have not already filled out a paper survey, please complete the survey at this link.

The Board will evaluate the responses and bring a report to the June 14 Congregational meeting.

Lisa Shaffer

Exotic UU Auction was truly the BEST!

photoThe Best Exotic UU Auction team was truly the BEST! We had a great party, wonderful food, lovely music, Indian dancers, and our preliminary tally suggests that we will net at least $17,000 and possibly more. Be assured that in the next week or two you will be receiving email confirming what you purchased, notifying you of who purchased an event you offered, and/or a request to pay for what you won and information about where to pick up any gift cards or certificates you are due.

It took a lot of people to make this event the Best Exotic UU Auction. The core team included Caroline DeMar, Judy Sherman, Charlotte Wilson, Betsy Gilpin, Tiffany Fox, Maria Penny, and Kim Douwes. Special thanks to our wonderful auctioneers, Candice Nguyen and David Kelly, both members of our very own Fellowship. Many other people helped with decorations, cooking, cleanup, check in and check out, and more. We are grateful for all who gave and all who attended.

There are still a few events that are not completely full. We will post those soon to give everyone an opportunity to join the fun and support the Fellowship.

With gratitude,
Lisa Shaffer and the Auction Team


8th Grader’s Yo Mama Jokes for UU’s

Yo Mama Jokes for Unitarian (Universalist)s
by Jack Killilea

Presented at the Coming of Age Service
at the First Unitarian Church of Providence
May 17, 2015

  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she feels guilty about her Prius
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she buys junk food at Whole Foods
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she brings vegan lasagna to a barbecue
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she knows how to sing Shalom Haverim. IN ENGLISH
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she tells you to take out the compost
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, you didn’t know that radios could play anything besides NPR until last year
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she’s offended that these jokes don’t include “Universalist”
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she thinks that Super Bowl Sunday is the Home Coming water communion
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, every year for your birthday you get a goat…that lives in an African village
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, even though she doesn’t find these jokes funny, she respects my decision to tell them
  • Yo mama so Unitarian, she made you switch school 6 times so that you could have 7 principals

Men’s Group

DAYTIMERS mens’ group meets the third Friday of every month to share lunch and conversation from 11:30 – 1:00. All topics and flexible format.
Roundtable Pizza, 1321 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas. All you can eat pizza and salad bar.
For further info call Ben Platnik at 858-794-5324 or cell 619-987-5324.