June 2 — Help at the SD Food Bank!


Just 20 minutes from UUFSD! It’s always from 6:00 – 8:00 PM – anyone over 7 years old can help! Mostly we just put food in boxes on an assembly line or bag fresh produce – really easy, no lifting, no bending, great camaraderie. In May we bagged 4,689 lbs of fresh corn – in JUST 2 HOURS!

This is a wonderful way of helping locally those in need and strengthening our UUFSD community as well. The San Diego Food Bank distributes over 20 million pounds of food annually to individuals, families and a network of nonprofit organizations that work to alleviate hunger throughout San Diego county. They need our help!

For more information and to Register you MUST contact Sara Ohara for the special UUFSD Group code:

June 5 — Sustainable Fundraiser Potluck for UUFSD

or by email to

FUNDRAISER PRICE OF $7 for adults $3 for children and youth to raise money for committees and programs at UUFSD

Dear Members and Friends,

Our June Monthly FUN-draising Brunch is coming up – June 5th!

• Our luncheons are fund-raisers, but just as importantly, they are a very special and truly essential social activity for our UUFSD community. Please help in the spirit of community to help make our day a success! For this month, those who sign up will be given an info sheet on inspirations for SUSTAINABLE living which is healthy mindful eating for nourishing both body and environmental consciousness! Thank you for participating if you are able.

• Items are requested in the following categories – enough for 10-15 people.

Brunch Main dishes Side dishes Salads Desserts Kid Food (i.e., platter of 1/4 sandwiches) Beverages Breads

SUSTAINABLE FOOD – Best choices are fresh foods, local in-season foods, organically grown foods, lower on the food chain foods (plants preferred compared to meat, smaller fish preferred to larger fish, smaller animals preferred to larger animals); when selecting processed foods, look for products with fewer ingredients, less packaging, fresher foods preferred to those with longer shelf life
• Please consider offering to make a vegetarian/vegan main dish.

• Please tape a label to your dish with your name and the name of the dish (include contents if not obvious). If you’re willing to share your recipe, please make a card so that we can place it next to your dish (or just identify ingredients that people may be allergic to).

• If your item needs reheating, please tape specific instructions.

• If you leave an item on the counter or in the refrigerator before Sunday – please add a designation “for Fundraising Brunch on “June 5th.”

• Please be aware that some dishes will be set aside for the RE teachers and children.

Thank you!

Alison – Board liason for Brunches

Email Your Senators in Support of the Mental Health Reform Act of 2016

During the May 15 service, many of us pledged to write a letter to our politicians regarding the need for mental health reform.The Mental Health Reform Act of 2016, S.2680, is expected to go to vote on the floor of the Senate by the end of May. Senators Boxer and Feinstein have not yet supported this important bipartisan bill.

There are various ways to convey this information to Senators Boxer and Feinstein. I have emailed the letter below to them, via their websites. I have also called, and left a “comment” on their phone, reading portions of the letter that were most important to me. Finally, when I called, I insisted that I speak with a legislative assistant, so that I could find out what the Senator’s position was on this issue. It will take a few days to actually speak with someone, but this three-pronged approach is most effective. For every person who makes the effort to do this, politicians assume there are hundreds of constituents who feel the same way.


  1. Copy the text of the letter below.
  2. Click the links of the two Senators listed below, fill in the forms and paste the letter into the comment area.
  3. If possible, call your Senator.

Senator Feinstein
(202) 224-3841

Senator Boxer
(202) 224-3553

Dear Senator,

I have a loved one who has struggled with mental illness and has had difficulty obtaining a referral to in-network providers, including psychiatrists, therapists, and residential treatment programs. Our insurance has only provided coverage for hospitalizations that are court-ordered. We have not found any long-term residential treatment programs that are covered by insurance. We believe that our loved one could become a more fruitful member of society if they obtained proper treatment. This has effected our entire family. It is difficult to be successful at work when we are worried about our loved one. I hope that you will begin to focus on this important issue.

I understand that the Mental Health Reform Act of 2016, S. 2680, is scheduled to go to a vote on the floor of the Senate within the next few weeks. You have not yet signed on to support this bill. I hope that you will do so immediately, and that you will work to ensure that this bill, which is weak in its current state, is improved dramatically. I hope that the following improvements can be made to this bill:

• Although insurance providers allegedly provide lists of in-network providers on their websites, few, if any, provide lists of out-patient mental health clinics, partial hospitalizations programs or residential treatment programs for mental health. Insurance providers should be required to provide their customers with information regarding residential and outpatient treatment programs that are in-network. Such lists should be available in a similar manner to other in-network provider information, such as primary care physicians and specialists.
• Insurance companies rarely cover psychiatric hospitalizations or residential treatment programs unless there is a court order in place. A GOA Report should be conducted to examine the following: (1) the percentage of insurance payments that are made for non-court-ordered hospitalizations verses court-ordered hospitalizations; (2) the percentage of psychiatric hospitalized patients who are released directly into residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs, intensive clinics, and similar; (3) the percentage of psychiatric hospitalized patients who are released without follow-up, who may possibly end up dead, homeless or in the criminal justice system.
• Many people in the criminal justice system have a history of psychiatric hospitalizations and ER visits. A GOA Report should be conducted to examine the potential savings that could be realized if such people receive proper mental health care services early.
• Many psychiatric patients would be capable of working, and contributing to the financial well being of our country, if they had proper treatment. A GOA Report should be conducted to examine the increased tax revenue and other financial benefits of this.

In the event that this bill passes the Senate, I hope that you can work with the Finance Committee on the measures that will increase the number of psychiatric hospital beds, increase rates paid by insurance to mental health care providers, expand the network of mental health care providers who take insurance, and achieve true parity for mental health.

I appreciate your time and consideration on this important issue.


May 21 — Fiesta Del Sol. Fellowship at the Festival!

UUFSD will be at Fiesta del Sol on Saturday & Sunday May 21st and 22nd. Visit our table/tent!

Our booth is 66c, located across from the Post Office, (close to Shuttle drop off.)
Drop by and say hi as you enjoy this FREE, family friendly event.

Better yet, SIGN UP FOR A VOLUNTEER SHIFT (2 or 3 hour shifts) to greet visitors and tell them all about UU and our fellowship. Adrienne is looking for volunteers to cover shifts between 9am and 6pm both days. Email for details.

*Especially if you can help set up early Saturday morning at 7am or break down Sunday evening after 6pm.

May 18 — To better understand mental illness, hear the stories of hope from people who live with it

“In Our Own Voice” a nationally acclaimed program

Who should attend: Youth through seniors will gain tremendous insight and inspiration.
Presented by: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) North Coastal San Diego Chapter.

This personal presentation is by two recovering individuals who share their path to recovery.

Wednesday, May 18, 6:30 – 8:00 PM, Founder’s Hall

May 22 — YRUU Sunday

You’ll want to Save the Date for this one! YRUU Sunday coming NEXT Sunday May 22. Join us for a Bridging Ceremony and more!

*Please bring a book (for all ages/reading levels) or a toy (dolls, blocks, crayons/coloring books…no small pieces please!) for our Las Colinas Women’s Prison project. You’ll learn more about that and all the exciting, meaningful events our UU youth are doing. Contact Alison for more details


May 15 — Orientation

New Visitors, Long-Time Visitors, Friends, ALL are encouraged to attend Orientation and explore a path to membership and creating a home at UUFSD. Learn about Unitarian Universalism, UUFSD, our history, our FUTURE and share stories and a meal as we explore what drew you to us, and how we can meet your spiritual needs. RSVPs helpful, drop-ins welcome! Held in Founders Hall.

TODAY is our newcomer/welcome ORIENTATION! Please join us? New Visitors, Long-Time Visitors, Friends, ALL are encouraged to attend Orientation and explore a path to membership and creating a home at UUFSD. Learn about Unitarian Universalism, UUFSD, our history, our FUTURE and share stories and a meal as we explore what drew you to us, and how we can meet your spiritual needs. RSVPs helpful, drop-ins welcome! Held in Founders Hall.

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

CRC Volunteers are urgently needed on Thursdays!

We have an urgent need for UUFSD volunteers on Thursdays from 10-12:30pm at the Community Resource Center (CRC), 656 Second Street, Encinitas!

Activities include helping CRC clients “shop” for food from the pantry shelves, unloading/sorting incoming donations of perishable, non-perishable foods and household items, and re-stocking pantry shelves. You don’t have to make an ongoing commitment – we need occasional volunteers, especially during the summer months.

To sign up or for details, please visit our Sign Up Genius page at or contact Susan Miller at No experience necessary!

May 15 — Tea & Craft Gathering

Monthly gathering is this Sunday, May 15, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm in the Library.

EVERYONE is welcome. Bring your own craft project and a small snack; we provide the tea. If you just want to keep the crafters company, or read poetry aloud, you are welcome. If you’re working gifts intended for last Christmas or planning for an upcoming event, bring your knitting, embroidery, jewelry-making, or any other project in the works for a very casual social gathering.