All Fellowship Invitation to Plan Earth Month Activities

Everyone is welcome to join us on March 11th to hear about the tremendous progress that has been made to get solar power at UUFSD, the new “kitchen system”, and the work underway to align environmentally responsible choices with the UUFSD finances. We will also be planning the best-ever Earth Month for April! We want your ideas and your energy! You are asked to reply to Debbie or Linda . Snacks will be served, and we would welcome your wholesome, healthy contributions.


The Social Justice Homeless Project volunteers distribute toiletries and sanitary items to homeless persons once a month at the Encinitas Community Resource Center. During the winter months many homeless persons have asked for caps and scarves to help keep them warm during the cold season. This might seem a bit early, but we are asking for the weavers and knitters at our fellowship to start on an ambitious project to weave/knit at least 50 caps and 50 scarves for distribution during Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018. Please pass by the Social Justice Happenings Table in the core area and sign up for this project.

UUFSD Food Bank Volunteer Night on Thursday, March 1

It is a wonderful way to help those in need LOCALLY, put SERVICE IS OUR PRAYER in ACTION, and strengthen our UUFSD community as well. For more information and to register, you MUST contact Sara Ohara for the special UUFSD Group code:

Our UUFSD Food Bank Volunteer Night is always the first Thursday of each month from 6 – 8 PM, and just 20 minutes from UUFSD. Anyone 11 years and older can help! Mostly we just put food in boxes on an assembly line or bag fresh produce – really easy, no lifting, no bending required, and great camaraderie.

In Feb we bagged 9,500 lbs. of potatoes and apples – in just 2 hours! – Wow! Thanks everyone! LOVE, when we’re able to give fresh food to San Diegans!

The San Diego Food Bank distributes more than 20 million pounds of food annually to individuals, families, and a network of nonprofit organizations that work to alleviate hunger throughout San Diego county. They need our help! PLUS it’s fun!

For more information and to register for the 1st time, you MUST contact Sara Ohara for the special UUFSD Group code:

Pledge Kick-off Brunch will be Sunday, February 25th

Our Pledge Kick-off Brunch will be Sunday, February 25th, between the services. Your ticket to a free brunch is your completed pledge, which you can do right now by going to or by completing and bringing the pledge form on the back side of this letter. If you have any questions, please contact

Pay Your Pledges Automatically—Sign up for the “Blessings of Auto-Pay”

Once you set this up with your bank (and we’re happy to help you make this happen), your monthly pledge is paid automatically. Setting up monthly, recurring payments from your bank’s bill pay service means UUFSD gets your payment predictably and with no hidden fees to the Fellowship. It’s the Blessings of Auto-Pay. (We also accept other types of auto-pay such as credit card auto-pay, but these incur fees to the Fellowship of up to 3%.) Of course, from time to time we will ask you to increase it as inflation makes it necessary or we expand our programs. As a bonus, setup monthly recurring payments through your bank by July 31 and you earn $25 for the Fellowship! Pledge now at!

What’s New for the 2018-2019 Pledge Drive?

UUFSD is entering the 21st century, with new ideas to make pledging and paying easier and more predictable. We’re asking members and friends to invoke the Blessings of Auto-Pay, by setting up recurring monthly auto-pay services with their banks. This way having to remember to write checks is a thing of the past and our cash flow will be much improved. We’re also asking everyone to Strive for Five in making their pledge—aspire to pledge 5% of adjusted gross income if you can and if that is right for you. Finally, we’re moving to auto-renewal of pledges; Continuous Giving means your pledge will automatically roll over from year to year until you decide to change it. Stay tuned. Pledge now at

Thirty Days of Love – Courageous Love Awards

As we come to an end of the 2018 “Thirty Days of Love” campaign, we take this opportunity to thank our CRC Food Pantry volunteers for their commitment this program over many years. Christine Maciulla, Ruth Gregory, Mary Lou Schultz, Jill Ballard, Kay Byrnes, Debbie Ploeser and Betsy Gilpin are role models for other members in our congregation to emulate as they consider what role they might play in making our society more just, peaceful and sustainable.

We also honor three individuals who were instrumental in creating the framework for our very successful Hands for Hope Dignity Supplies Homeless project. They are Rebecca palmer, CRC, Kellen Amensen, Dignity Delivery, and Paul Trause, UUFSD Friend .

We are honored to present them with our 2018 “Courageous Love Award,” at our 11:00 am service on Sunday, February 25, 2018

Deepening Our Meditation Fri, Feb 16

Deepening Our Meditation is a monthly day of practice which begins with progressive relaxation, sitting meditation, discussion group, walking meditation, and time for reflection on our personal practices. On Feb. 16 our theme will be We Are All Doing Time, a consideration of those behind bars and what we might have in common with them.

We will meet in Palmer Library from 9 am to 3 pm. You can come for the whole day or part of the day. Please bring a lunch and mats or cushions to make yourself comfortable for lying or sitting.