Welcome to UUFSD

When you arrive on our campus, you will be greeted on your way to our beautiful outdoor amphitheater. (In inclement weather we meet in Founders Hall). Our ‘Greeters’ ask that you fill out a “New Visitor Card” so that we can email you copies of our newsletter for three months. Returning visitors are asked to sign in on our “Returning Visitor Sheet.” After services, we gather in the core area for Gathering Hour for Fair Trade coffee, refreshments and fellowship. Visitors are welcome to enjoy Gathering Hour and get to know our members. There is a Welcoming Table in the Core Area where members can provide additional information about Unitarian Universalism and the activities of the Fellowship. There are several informational sessions that those who are thinking of becoming members should attend. More information is provided on this website under “Becoming a Member.”

Contact: Adrienne McCord, Director of Connections at adrienne@uufsd.org