The Congregational Record is the key document describing and presenting our Fellowship to potential ministers. It covers a lot of ground in a format prescribed by the UUA—size, history, what we are like (warts and all), what we seek in a minister, and what we can afford to pay. It incorporates the learnings from the Congregational Survey and small group meetings. It must be completed by mid-November, then approved and published by the UUA on December 1, 2019.

Our Documents Package

By the time we identify potential candidates in January 2020, we will also have assembled a very large package of documents (in addition to our website and Congregational Record) for pre-candidates to study to get to know us thoroughly. The package will contain items such as 5 years of past budgets, examples of Orders of Service from many Sundays, a draft employment contract for the new minister, our by-laws and policies, and many other easy-to-find and hard-to-find pieces of paper.