Save These Dates!

Thursday, November 27:  Thanksgiving Dinner, Founder’s Hall

Dinner will include turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.  Please RSVP to Susan Pernia and let her know what you would like to bring.  We encourage people to bring salads, vegetables, vegan dishes, rolls and dessert.  Contact Susan Pernia at

Thursday, December 4:  San Diego Food Bank Volunteer Night, 6-8:00 pm

Join us at the San Diego Food Bank in the Miramar area. Anyone over 6 years old can help! Really easy; no lifting; no bending; great camaraderie. This is a wonderful way of helping locally those in need and strengthening our UUFSD community as well. Pleases sign up at the core area SAC/Happenings Table, between and after services, or email Sara O’hara at

December 6:  UUFSD Holiday Party, 6-9:00 pm

Come celebrate the holidays with us at our Holiday Party Potluck. Youth and adults will prepare holiday cards to be distributed to the Veterans Administration Hospital. Contact Susan Pernia at

December 9:  Pastoral Care Workshop, Founder’s Hall, 7-8:30 pm

“Happiness Is……….”

Dr. Ansar Haroun, Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD, will present a lecture on the biological, social, psychological, and religious underpinnings of the concept of “happiness”.

For the last 25 years, Dr. Haroun has been a psychiatrist in San Diego, practicing the conventional biomedical model of treating unhappiness / depression, but also studying alternative models, which incorporate the wisdom of the great Masters (Buddha, Jesus, Ghazali and Farabi etc).  He will synthesize the wisdom of the sages, and explain where the western biomedical model should or should not be applied.

Dessert and Coffee will be served!!

December 14:  A Vigil – Sandy Hook Shooting – Two Years Later/National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend, Founder’s Hall, 6:00 PM

Twenty-six people – 20 students and 6 adults – were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.  Join in commemorating their needless deaths.  Contact Steve Bartram at

December 24:  Holiday Services, Founder’s Hall, 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Generosity Collection for the UUFSD/Casas de Luz Home Build.

December 25:  Holiday Dinner, Founder’s Hall, 3:00 pm 

Contact Susan Pernia at

January 24, 2015: Emma’s Revolution Concert
UUFSD Founders Hall 7:30 PM
Emma’s revolution is the duo of activist musicians, Pat Humphries & Sandy O. Emma’s Revolution creates new standards in the art of social justice. Their songs have been sung for the Dalai Lama, praised by Pete Seeger and recorded by Holly Near.

Emma’s Revolution brings their uprising of truth, hope and a dash of healthy irreverence to concerts and peace & justice, labor, human rights, environmental, LGBT and women’s rights events around the world. Tickets available through EventBright–$18 in advance (by 1/23/15) or $22 at door.