Save These Dates!

CRC Holiday Baskets at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

There are TWO WAYS you can help UUFSD support the amazing Holiday Baskets program, an annual event held by Community Resource Center (CRC), has set a goal to help more than 1,000 households (2,000+ children) in need this year with food, toys and household necessities.

Volunteer at Del Mar Fair on Thursday December 8th from 4-6pm.

UUFSD has signed up to help organize and distribute goods and we have room for 8 more volunteers! All over 14 years old are welcome to join. Contact to sign up for this important shift.

*Also due to limited time at the fair this year there is an urgent need to gather forces to deliver items to fairgrounds. Join Adrienne on Tuesday morning (with or without a truck) to help load toys and take them to the fair.

Donations Needed to Help Families for the Holidays
• Making a cash donation: A $100 donation will give a family a balanced, nutritious food pack- age that will help feed four for a week. Cash donations, in lieu of direct food donations, allow CRC to multiply the impact because CRC can purchase food in bulk at prices much lower than store prices.
• Donating: new toys, new or gently-used bicycles, non-perishable food staples, new or gently- used winter coats and jackets, new items for babies. A wish list is provided on the CRC website.

Saturday, December 10, 2016: Victims of Gun Violence Remembrance Vigil, 4:30-6:00pm in Founders Hall

This December marks four years since the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

At UUFSD we mark the anniversary by participating in a national vigil, to gather and honor the 20 children and 6 adults killed that day and the thousands of others who have died by bullets since then.

The vigil is an opportunity to hold space with one another and to heal. We will hear from gun violence prevention leaders, a gun violence victim from our own fellowship and be graced with the music of Emma’s Revolution. Please join us in Founders Hall on Saturday, December 10th from 4:30-6:00pm.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016: Midweek Matinee

WHITE CHRISTMAS in San Diego? It’s true! Screening the musical movie classic, White Christmas on Wednesday, December 14th, Showtime is at 10:00am in Founders Hall. Maybe it’s your favorite holiday movie, or maybe you’ve never seen it!
Be there for our first MidWeek Matinee at the fellowship. Join Adrienne and others as we share fellowship, film and snacks once a month. Contact for more details. *MidWeek Matinee will be held monthly, see schedule for dates.

Friday, December 16, 2016: Deepening Our Meditation: Progressing Along the Path, 9:00am-2:00pm in Palmer Library

As the year ends we take stock of our understanding, commitments, and practice obstacles, so that we can freshen our meditation with renewed energy. We begin with progressive relaxation, then study and practice together, eat lunch in silence and then conclude with discussion and sitting practice. All are welcome.

Please bring your lunch and any cushions or mats for sitting or lying down.

Any questions contact

Saturday, December 17, 2016: The Annual UUFSD Holiday Party!Saturday, December 17th, 5:30-8:30pm in Founders Hall

It is time to make a joyful noise! Logs are burning warm and bright in the fireplace, the room smells of spice and pine and the laughter of children and adults is everywhere. Lights sparkle on the tree.

EVERYONE ONE WILL BE THERE INCLUDING THE MICE! Well, maybe we will ask them to stay home.

Winter will be ending soon and it’s time to celebrate the Solstice, Others will celebrate Christmas and/or Hanukkah. We celebrate all with everyone. So let’s come together and make merry, eat some good food, drink some wine, sing some songs and smile in the fellowship we have with each other.

The TIME for joyful noise and celebration starts at 5:30 and ends at 8:30 on December 17, in Founders Hall. Don’t be late!

Bring a favorite dish to share and we will all, have fun, food and fellowship.

Contact with any questions.

Sunday, December 25, 2016: Christmas/Winter Festival Day Dinner and Potluck, Sunday, December 25th from 1:30 to 4:00pm in Founders Hall

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas/Hanukkah time and Winter season brings many reasons to celebrate and gather.
Share your love and joy and side dishes or desserts with friends and family this year at the Fellowship Dinner/Potluck.Come one, come all from far and near! Share in our merriment and cheer!
The fireplace and candles are lit. The tree is trimmed with lights and ornaments.
The goose is getting fat! Well, we may not have a goose but,
There will be Turkey and Ham and Yams to eat with wine and egg nog to sip.
Please join us for a sumptuous festive feast.Not Under the stars, or beneath the moon, but during the sun
Will be a WONDERFUL party you won’t forget soon.
A party for all so full of cheer, a room full of people we all hold dear.So join us for this celebration, Forget all your sorrows, worries, frustration,
A toast to the season and don’t you forget
Sunday December 25 at 1:30 to 4:00


DEC 2-4 Winter Art Camp
DEC 27-JAN 1 – Senior High Camp

For more information and to register, visit

Sunday, January 15th: Parent Effectiveness Training Seminar

Parent Effectiveness Training
For Parent, Grandparents,
and People who work with children and youth

Learn how to stop angry outbursts, increase cooperation and enable children and youth to solve their own problems. It teaches parents, grandparents, and people who care for children and youth how to raise thoughtful, independent, people. Kelly Meier, Certified Instructor and Mom of 2, leads the class in a friendly, easy to apply way.

12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
January 15th – March 12th
(Excludes President’s Weekend, 2/19)

from puzzlement and frustration to understanding
from tantrums, arguments, defiance to cooperation
from rude indifference to initiative and responsibility
from anxiety and helplessness to confidence
form anger, hurt, resentment to respect, trust, and love

Early Bird Registration before January 1st: $199.00 per person or $299.00 per couple (includes textbook and workbook)
After January 1st: $249.00 per person or $375.00 per couple

To register contact Kelly Meier (619) 876-8402 or
register online at:

Free childcare provided for Fellowship members and regular attendees of the Fellowship. Partial scholarships are available, please contact Alison A.G.L.M. Crotty for childcare or scholarships.

January 28, 2017: Peter Mayer in Concert, 7:30-9:30pm in Founders Fall

Renowned Minnesota singer-songwriter Peter Mayer (‘Blue Boat Home’) “writes songs for a small planet—songs about interconnectedness and the human journey; about the beauty and the mystery of the world. Purchase tickets at

April 7-9, 2017: Annual All Fellowship Weekend at Camp de Benneville Pines

Mark your calendars for our Annual All Fellowship Weekend at Camp deBenneville Pines, April 7-9. With Rev. Meghan and Adrienne McCord planning the festivities, this will be great fun for all ages. This is a sure way for newcomers to get to know us more deeply. Gorgeous hikes, food, fires in the lodge, singing, dancing, talent show, crafts, and surrounded by beautiful wilderness, this is a spiritual home for many of us. Heated cabins and hot showers mean this is cozy camping.

Registrations will be open in January.

To learn more talk to Adrienne, Diane Masser-Frye, Christie Turner, Chris Faller, or Betsy Gilpin.

Third Friday of Every Month: DAYTIMERS Mens’ Group

Meets the third Friday of every month to share lunch and conversation. All topics and flexible format.  Roundtable Pizza, 1321 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas. All you can eat pizza and salad bar. For further info call Ben Platnik at 858-794-5324 or cell 619-987-5324.