Adult Choir

The UUFSD choir invites you to visit a rehearsal, try us out and consider becoming a member! The choir has 38 members and we are always looking for sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.

The choir sings many styles of music – it is balanced and satisfying repertoire that will challenge the veteran choral singer as well as involve less skilled singers. We happily sing many types of music including classical and wide-ranging folk music, music from varying religious traditions, as well as some gospel, pop and jazz. Our choral group is warm and friendly, and enjoys the hard work of preparing this varied literature.

The mission of the UUFSD Choir is to complement and enhance the Sunday worship service experience, making it more stimulating and enriching. The choir strives to learn and perform a variety of music while maintaining a high quality standard. We value the fellowship experienced in meeting weekly to make music together.


Choir practice is held every Thursday evening, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Founders Hall. We take most of the summer off.

Choir at Church Services

The choir sings at services about twice a month at either the 9:00 or 11:00 service.

Music Sundays

Twice a year, in December and June, the worship service is entirely focused around a musical worship. These Music Sundays feature the UUFSD Choir, UUFSD Band, and often community soloists and instrumentalists are featured.


Two half-day workshop retreats are held every year as preparation for the Music Sunday Concerts.

How to Join

The choir welcomes experienced singers and novices alike. If you love to sing and can make a commitment to come for rehearsals and be present when the choir sings, the choir would love to have you join them. Contact Music Director, Christine Lehman at or 858.755.9225 prior to the Thursday evening rehearsal (7:00 to 9:00 p.m.) and a music packet will be made ready for you.

Choir Attire

Men and women wear black trousers or skirts with black tops (winter) or blue, green, purple, or white long sleeve tops (other seasons). The group is unified with tie-dyed stoles.

Top Reasons to Join the Choir:

  1. Make new friends
  2. Learn a lot of new songs
  3. Blend your voice with others. Experience harmony.
  4. Reduce your stress and elevate your mood
  5. Improve your feeling of social well being
  6. Deepen your cultural understanding and spiritual connection
  7. Gain musicianship skills
  8. Sing while accompanied by a Nobel Peace Prize winner
  9. It’s cheaper than therapy and more fun than working out
  10. Eat great snacks during breaks
  11. Everyone sounds great when singing with a choir!

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