Waking Up White: And Finding Myself in the Story of Race

Join Rev Meghan Cefalu for a discussion of Debby Irving’s book, Waking Up White: And Finding Myself in the Story of Race, on Saturday, June 17 at 5pm in Palmer Library. Free event open to the public. Members are encouraged to attend. Bring a friend!

This book sheds light on why America’s racial divide continues to deepen. Author Debby Irving encourages readers to bring more nuance, historical knowledge, and personal reflection to the issue.

Irving uses her own life to explore the everyday systemic racism that goes largely unnoticed yet perpetuates long-held racialized belief systems. Waking Up White functions as both a “Racism 101” for white people and a rare exposé on whiteness for people of color. By sharing her sometimes cringe-worthy struggle to understand racism and racial tensions, she offers a fresh perspective on bias, stereotypes, manners, and tolerance.

Beloved Conversations Forum Sunday, June 4

The Beloved Conversations Forum will be held after the Music Sunday service on SUNDAY, JUNE 4th in Founder’s Hall. The BC team is looking forward to introducing this anti-racism/anti-oppression curriculum to you and hopes that you will sign up for the full program which begins with a weekend retreat on Sept. 22-23, and then 8 consecutive Sundays from 3-5 pm from Oct. 1-Nov. 19. Childcare provided. Light lunch offered with gratitude. Please join us.

Environmental Justice “Active Hope” Workshop on April 20

Active Hope by Joanna Macy

Rev Meghan and Irv Himelblau will conduct a workshop for the Environmental Justice Task Force using the principles outlined in Joanna Macy and Chris Johnston’s book, Active Hope: How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy. Active Hope provides a new insight into how we go about fulfilling our social justice goals, and provides systems that help us frame and execute those goals.

The Environmental Justice “Active Hope” Workshop will be held on Thursday, April 20, from 7-8:30 pm, in the Minister’s Office.

Interfaith Food Drive for the Encinitas Community Resource Center

Our UUFSD Social Justice Action urges all members and friends of UUFSD to participate in the Interfaith Community Food Drive for Hunger. This food drive is sponsored by the San Dieguito Interfaith Ministerial Association, of which the UUFSD is a member.

When: Saturday, April 22, 9 am to Noon
Where: LDS Church parking lot at 1444 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA

CRC Wish List: Cooking Oil 24 oz or smaller, canned meat, dry black beans, hearty soups, chili & stews, white & brown rice, condiments, oatmeal, juice, snacks for school lunches, ground regular coffee, dried fruits and nuts, spices, evaporated or condensed milk, hygiene items, toilet paper/paper towels, diapers (size 3+) and wipes, baby food, laundry/dish soap, adult diapers, can openers.

Jan 8-22 – Ministerial Search Candidating Schedule


The UUSFD Search Committee is delighted to announce that we have invited our own Rev. Meghan Conrad Cefalu to be our candidate for settled ministry. We are confident, based on our understanding of the congregation and our knowledge of Rev. Meghan, that there is an excellent match between what the majority of our members want in a minister and the qualities we find in her. We hope that you will agree that we have an exciting opportunity to build on the love and connection already developing here to grow together in community and service.

Please read the following documents for more information and to learn about the Candidating Schedule.

Ministerial Search FAQ

Final Notice to the Congregation from the Ministerial Search Committee

Ministerial Candidating Schedule

Mindful Meditation – Wednesday December 28

Since the library at UUFSD is not available on Wednesday, December 28, we are moving the Mindful Meditation session to our home in Encinitas. The session will begin at 9:30 am, going through 11 am.

We are located at 146 Five Crowns Way, Encinitas, CA. We must have a count of participants, so please RSVP to livwalsh1@gmail.com.

Directions: Encinitas Blvd East to Willowspring, left on Willowspring to Anaconda, left on Anaconda to Five Crowns, left on Five

Dec. 16 — Deepening Our Meditation: Progressing Along the Path

As the year ends we take stock of our understanding, commitments, and practice obstacles, so that we can freshen our meditation with renewed energy. We begin with progressive relaxation, then study and practice together, eat lunch in silence and then conclude with discussion and sitting practice. All are welcome.
Please bring your lunch and any cushions or mats for sitting or lying down.

Time: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Oct. 14 — Deepening Our Meditation

Deepening Our Meditation: This monthly series of daylong practice of meditation allows us to be together as we increase our understanding of the path to awakening by increasing relaxation and clarity of purpose. Simply put we are letting go of tension and worry while we let our emotional patterns and habits be held in awareness. Nothing is repressed or acted out and whatever arises is compassionately experienced. Thus we are strengthened in resolve and better able to navigate our lives off of the meditation cushion. All are welcome. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a lunch, and any cushions or mats for sitting and stretching out.

Questions: christieturner@gmail.com

Oct. 8 — Encinitas Advaita Vedanta Meetup

This is a fortnightly discussion and meditation session taking place every other Saturday, on the practice of Vedantic (non-dualism) philosophy. I will share a personal practice of studying, reflecting and meditation with like-minded seekers in a friendly, introspective and earnest environment. Vedanta is rigorous introspection, and witnessing the mind’s clockwork, nudged by a few words of self-realization documented by masters.

Participation is completely free, in keeping with the traditions of Vedanta.


• 5:00-5:10 PM: settling in and smiling at each other 🙂 5:10 PM doors close: interruption will be distracting for all of us!
• 5:10 PM – 5:40 PM: Mindful discussion of an introductory text on Vedanta.
• 5:40 PM to 6:00 PM or longer. First 20 minutes sitting silent meditation
• 6:00 PM to 6:05 PM. Walking meditation (pradakshina). Great to overcome discomforts with holding a prolonged posture!
• 6:05 PM to 6:20 PM. Second sitting meditation.
• 6:20 PM to 6:30 PM is reserved for mindful sharing and questions, and Himalayan chai-time!


Meditation pillow/seat/support: please bring your own!

Obviously, confirming personal biases or propaganda of any specific religious sect, clan or guru is NOT the scope of this meetup: it is to mindfully discuss the philosophy and wisdom of Vedanta in a brotherhood/sisterhood of earnest seekers. I am not a teacher, just a diligent student/practitioner who has studied Vedanta formally for many years, and think others may benefit from the practice as much as I have.

The teacher/Guru is Vedanta.

Location: Treetop

Learn more at: https://www.meetup.com/Encinitas-Advaita-Vedanta-Meetup/