May 7 — QPR: Question, Persuade, and Refer – Anyone can help save a life

We can all save lives.

The QPR mission is to reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives by providing innovative, practical and proven suicide prevention training. The signs of crisis are all around us. We believe that quality education empowers all people, regardless of their background, to make a positive difference in the life of someone they know.

Learn this emergency intervention and help save a life!

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Founders Hall

Apr. 17 — Social Action Committee Quarterly Meeting

This Sunday at 12:20 pm - light lunch provided.

Everyone interested in learning more about our Social Action programs is invited to attend the April quarterly meeting. We will discuss
1. Mental Health Month at the UUFSD
2. Task Forces and Groups will report on action plans
3. Review of FY 2016 budget and reallocation of funds
4. FY 2017 budget
5. Generosity Sunday applications
6. SAC calendar of action for the remainder of 2016


Apr. 24 — Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

At 10:30 and 12:15 there will be an informational forum to discuss and inform all members of UUFSD about a Gun Violence Prevention initiative to create a UUFSD Resolution in support of Gun Violence Prevention as initiated in an Action of Immediate Witness approved at the 2014 UUA GA. UUFSD Board of Directors approved the proposal to create and submit a GVP Resolution to the members at the 19 June 2016 Congregational meeting. Come and learn what this is all about. What does it mean? Why is this being considered? Can I participate?

Here is a reference to get you started.

Petition For CA Public Safety & Rehabilitation Act Of 2016

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. joined law enforcement and faith leaders to announce support for the “Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016.” The purpose and intent of the Act is to:

  1. Protect and enhance public safety.
  2. Save money by reducing wasteful spending on prisons.
  3. Stop the revolving door of crime by emphasizing rehabilitation, especially for juveniles.
  4. Require a judge, not a prosecutor, to decide whether juveniles should be tried in adult court.

Please pass by the Social Action table in the core area and sign the petition supporting the California Public Safety & Rehabilitation Act of 2016

Volunteer Corner


THANK YOU to John Sherman. This newsletter isn’t long enough to list all the activities and volunteer activities John dedicates time to at UUFSD. A leader in the capital campaign, the visionary behind Sunday parking lot organization/attendants and a facilitator for a men’s group John is a true steward of the fellowship. He invests his Time, Treasure and Talent in our congregation. Many things wouldn’t work as smoothly without his hard work. A star volunteer is one who takes on the (hard) work that needs to be done without asking…and it is that characteristic that made John Sherman an excellent choice for this week’s Gratitude Spotlight. Thank you John!


1. Aloha! The UUFSD Auction is looking for specific talent to create our slideshow and graphics. Got powerful powerpoint skills? All ages encouraged to volunteer! Contact Adrienne for details

2. We still have an EMERGENCY level of need for kitchen help on Sundays. One Sunday a quarter would help immensely! Contact

CA Public Safety & Rehabilitation Act of 2016

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. joined law enforcement and faith leaders to announce support for the amended “Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016,” an initiative to protect and enhance public safety, reduce wasteful spending on prisons, improve rehabilitation and prevent federal courts from ordering the release of prisoners. The initiative: (1) Authorizes parole consideration for nonviolent inmates who complete the full sentence for their primary offense. (2) Allows inmates to earn credits for good behavior, education and rehabilitative achievement. (3) Requires judges rather than prosecutors to decide whether juveniles as young as 14-years-old should be tried as adults.

Members of the congregation will be present at the Social Action table collecting signatures supporting Governor Brown’s proposed California Safety & Rehabilitation Act of 2016.

Volunteer Spotlight

It’s a pleasure to highlight this week’s star, Christie Turner. Longtime member at UUFSD, she is well known for her weekly Buddhist meditation class and is a regular smiling face at the Visitor Greeters table on Sunday mornings. Christie recently helped facilitate our Serving with Grace class and is eager to share with others the value in finding spiritual and graceful connections through service. In addition to her position on the Nominating Committee, Christie takes great pleasure in helping plan and attending our family camp at Camp De Benneville. Come to camp and get to know this week’s star volunteer! Hiking, meditation, yoga, crafts and more. THANK YOU Christie for everything you do for us at UUFSD. See you at camp!

HELP Wanted
1. COFFEE CRISIS (Really!) Have you volunteered for a hospitality/kitchen shift yet this year? We need volunteers for Sunday services in April. SIGN UP SHEET WILL BE ON THE KITCHEN DOOR this Sunday please add your name and get ready to receive heaps of gratitude. (We will help train new volunteers) Contact

2. Compost experience? Recycling Guru? Volunteer for EARTH Day at UUFSD April 17th. See Adrienne to sign up and/or suggest an activity.


Time for an Intermission

The Capital Campaign is taking an intermission, as we step aside for the Annual Pledge Drive, beginning this Sunday, March 13. Please get your commitment forms and priority survey forms to us no later than Sunday, when we will compile the results and turn them over to the Dream Builders team.

The link to the commitment and authorization for auto-withdrawal forms are on the UUFSD website at:

These forms should be printed and sent to the office, attention of Capital Campaign or handed in on Sunday.

The Priority Survey form may be done online at Just link to it, enter your choices, click “submit”, and you’re done! Remember that “1” is for your top priority and “6” for your lowest, and please don’t repeat rankings, but provide six separate rankings.

The current priority ranks are:

1 Amphitheater shade
2 Office expansion
3 Founders’ Hall – east side seating
4-6 The kiosk/bathrooms, parking, and Founders’ Hall partitions follow so close together that a single individual could change their order. Truly, every survey form counts!

And every dollar counts as well. The hammerhead turn-around in the parking lot will be required for the amphitheater work, and if that’s done, extra parking spaces will be done along with it, but the kiosk/bathrooms, and partitions in Founders’ Hall will need more financial commitments in order to be scheduled.

Please take this once in a generation opportunity to help Fund and Build our Future.

Return commitment and survey forms no later than this Sunday, before the Annual Pledge Drive begins.

Thank you,

John Sherman, Chair – Dream Funders Task Force
Caroline DeMar, Dream Funders Task Force

3 Ways to Increase Your Level of HAPPY This Week

It’s the end of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS this week, so SPRING FORWARD joyfully with UUFSD. Here are 3 ideas to prepare for spring, UU style.

1. Get your hands dirty. (It’s fun!) Work outdoors this Saturday at the UUFSD work party, get to know other members on a deeper level as you bless the earth with your TIME. Stay for a delicious lunch, prepared with LOVE and served with grace. Party starts at 9 am.

2. Be a Star! Or a ham! The Paparazzi will be out in force this Sunday, taking photos for our Photo Directory. Wear your best smile, quirkiest scarf or favorite spring hat. Did you know? This directory is for YOU, it helps with recognition and connectivity…which leads to increased friendship bonds. Wow!

3. Help California save lives. (And $150 million dollars a year) Make your activist heart happy! This Sunday March 13, attend the Petition Drive and Forum: “The Justice that Works Act of 2016, 12:20pm-1:00pm in Founders Hall.