Generosity Sunday Is Sept 24

Generosity Sunday is Sept 24. The speaker will be Terry Goan, a congregation member. Here is the information for the Newsletter, OoS, Facebook page, and Social Action/Generosity Sunday list of beneficiaries for 2017 on the UUFSD website:

Boys to Men’s mission is to empower teenage boys to follow their dreams and develop into responsible men. They provide a school-based community mentoring model serving middle school boys at risk of educational failure. Through weekly meetings, male mentors seek to improve boys’ mental and physical well-being and build a stronger community of men and families.

Nov 6 and Nov 13 — Dining 4 Dollar$ Sign-Up Sundays

Sign up for community get togethers and help raise funds for the fellowship between and after service on Sunday, November 6 and Sunday, November 13.

D4$ has about 30 events to choose from—from fine dining to family outings, barbecues, and singalongs.

To see a complete list of events with dates, times, and prices, please visit

If you can’t make it to Sign-Up Sunday on November 6 or 13, but would like to sign up for an event, please contact Glen and Alice at or (760) 721-6327 to make your reservation.

News from the Kitchen

Have you ever thought about volunteering for the Sunday snacks? –well here is all you need to know. There are three “shifts”

Set Up: Ideally this is 2 volunteers. You will be with a buddy/Debbie the first couple times you sign up. It’s more fun this way! Usually it takes about a half hour to prepare the snacks, set out plates, etc. then right before the service ends, (usually during final song) the ‘set up’ volunteer(s) leave to place the snacks on the table. That’s it! Thank You 🙂

Refresh: Bring any remaining snacks/food back into the kitchen approximately 10-15 minutes before second service and “refresh”, meaning cut new fruit, muffins, fill up cracker/bread plates. Then just as the ‘set up’ volunteer, return to the kitchen during final song, (approximately 5-10 minutes before end of service and place food on refreshment table. That’s it! Thank you 🙂

Clean Up: Ideally 2 volunteers, about a half hour after refreshments start, begin clearing away kitchen counters, filling dish washer with coffee cups and then when people are done enjoying snacks, bring leftovers in, cover and keep what we can. Compost or donate what won’t keep.

The most important thing is to ENJOY YOURSELF and have FUN! Remember, you can’t make a mistake:). It’s just coffee and snacks!

you can sign up using “sign up genius” look for uufsd sunday snacks- or email Walk ins are always welcome.

Look at you calendar, do you have 1 hour to give to the uufsd kitchen?

August Day Laborers Lunch Program

August represented the last Day laborers Lunch distribution for the remainder of 2016. Preparing and distributing the lunches were Nancy & Roger Harmon, Sharon Weld, Livia Walsh, Alejandra Huffman Chen and Irv Himelblau. During the distribution, we became aware of a day laborer who was studying for an AB 60 drivers license and wanted to pursue political asylum for himself his wife and daughter. We supplied him with names and phone numbers of a Spanish speaking drivers license teachers and immigration attorneys, the North County Immigration Task Force, and the ACLU.


Aug. 14 — Voices for Children

Voices for Children (VFC) transforms the lives of abused children by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) who spend time getting to understand the child’s needs personally. They review and monitor the court files, write court reports, provide recommendations to the judge, and work closely with a professional Advocacy Supervisor to advocate for their case child’s best interest in the Court, the classroom, and the community. At this time, VFC advocates for 3,000 children in foster care in SD. It takes $2500 to provide a CASA for a year. The collection on Sunday will go towards providing a CASA for a needy child.

* For the Order of Service – there will be two VFC representatives – Sarah Adams (speaker) and Karen Reimus (CASA volunteer)
** Reminder: for the Order of Service we need to mention that if you are writing a check be sure to put Generosity Sunday in the note area of the check.

Time/place: Generosity Sunday during the service

July 10 — Kitchen Volunteer Appreciation Brunch and Orientation

Our Kitchen Committee has NEW LEADERSHIP! Thank you Deb Ploeser for taking the lead as Kitchen Manager. Well known for her refreshing iced coffee drinks and casually elegant Sunday Gathering Hour platters we are excited she accepted this leadership position! Please stop by and welcome her to this new role!

Deb is responsible for maintaining our eco-friendly kitchen supplied and well stocked to serve our members and visitors on Sundays. She is already busy cleaning & organizing as we plan for a busy year ahead.

Curious about volunteering in the kitchen? Please drop in for a kitchen volunteer appreciation brunch and orientation on July 10th after service.

For details or to sign up for orientation contact

May 22 — YRUU Sunday

You’ll want to Save the Date for this one! YRUU Sunday coming NEXT Sunday May 22. Join us for a Bridging Ceremony and more!

*Please bring a book (for all ages/reading levels) or a toy (dolls, blocks, crayons/coloring books…no small pieces please!) for our Las Colinas Women’s Prison project. You’ll learn more about that and all the exciting, meaningful events our UU youth are doing. Contact Alison for more details


Apr. 17 — Pancake breakfast fundraiser!

From 10 am – 11 am during Gathering Hour

Grab a plate of pancakes, fruit, juice and other goodies and toppings! Hot drinks will also be served.

All inclusive price of $7 per adult, $3 children/youth. Your punch card is accepted too.
Thank you to the 2nd&4th Wednesday Men’s Group for supplying a “few good men” who are not afraid of stepping into the kitchen. Men are welcome! And on this day they take center chef stage, flipping pancakes for our fellowship (or grilling waffles? the rumors might be true – you will only know if you come and support this event!)

Apr. 3 — FUN-draising Fellowship Brunch

Gathering Hour, Sunday April 3, 10 am – 11 am (between services) AND we are STRETCHING and growing again and offering Brunch (for sure!) after Second Service as well!

Prices: $7 adults; $3 kids/youth (under 18 years).
Or bring your Punch cards (season pass).
Questions/ comments contact Alison S. by email:

A fellowship POTLUCK means lots of excitement and new dishes to try out as well as comfort favorites.
TEAM 6 will be hosting this brunch (Who is TEAM 6? Mostly those with last names at the end of the alphabet). Thank you so much!

Program Details: We are asking all members and inviting friends to participate as hosts/bring potluck dishes once per year. If you have already participated but want to get in on more cooking and serving fun, we welcome repeat volunteers! Here is the link to sign up:

Time for an Intermission

The Capital Campaign is taking an intermission, as we step aside for the Annual Pledge Drive, beginning this Sunday, March 13. Please get your commitment forms and priority survey forms to us no later than Sunday, when we will compile the results and turn them over to the Dream Builders team.

The link to the commitment and authorization for auto-withdrawal forms are on the UUFSD website at:

These forms should be printed and sent to the office, attention of Capital Campaign or handed in on Sunday.

The Priority Survey form may be done online at Just link to it, enter your choices, click “submit”, and you’re done! Remember that “1” is for your top priority and “6” for your lowest, and please don’t repeat rankings, but provide six separate rankings.

The current priority ranks are:

1 Amphitheater shade
2 Office expansion
3 Founders’ Hall – east side seating
4-6 The kiosk/bathrooms, parking, and Founders’ Hall partitions follow so close together that a single individual could change their order. Truly, every survey form counts!

And every dollar counts as well. The hammerhead turn-around in the parking lot will be required for the amphitheater work, and if that’s done, extra parking spaces will be done along with it, but the kiosk/bathrooms, and partitions in Founders’ Hall will need more financial commitments in order to be scheduled.

Please take this once in a generation opportunity to help Fund and Build our Future.

Return commitment and survey forms no later than this Sunday, before the Annual Pledge Drive begins.

Thank you,

John Sherman, Chair – Dream Funders Task Force
Caroline DeMar, Dream Funders Task Force