Aug. 31: Generosity Sunday

Building Clean Water Projects Fights Diseases

UUFSD Generosity Sunday contributions on August 31 benefit Quaker Bolivia, which will support community-level water projects in Bolivia. Most families in these villages lack access to clean water. This lack of clean water causes health problems such as skin infections and diarrhea, which is one of the leading causes of death for children under five in developing countries.

QBL will fund the materials necessary to build community-wide water systems or family water pumps. QBL also teaches families about hygiene and provides technical expertise and training for community members, who build and maintain the projects and administer the local resources required for project sustainability.

QBL is an international, non-sectarian development organization guided by Quaker principles and dedicated to reducing poverty among the indigenous peoples of Bolivia. Since 1995, we have been working alongside the indigenous Andean people to fund, construct, and monitor community-based projects to secure food sources, promote better health, and generate income.
•    QBL works to raise awareness of Bolivian culture and society.
•    QBL seeks to include men and women equally in the planning and leadership of projects.
•    QBL does not fund projects that have a religious purpose and neither includes nor excludes communities because of their religious beliefs

Generosity Sunday
Learn how UUFSD supports social justice in local and global communities.

Aug 23: A Taste of UU BBQ


August 23
BBQ: 4:00 – 6:00 PM
Music: 6:00 – 8:00 PM

San Diego UU Network (SUUN) BBQ — Join UUs from across the county at this summer celebration at UUFSD. There will be great food and live music with Chalice’s Grunnion Run. Childcare will be provided. Event is free of charge, but registration is required, so we can plan for food, beverages, and childcare.

No Admission Charge but please register at EventBrite.
Questions? Contact Vicky

Download a Flyer to share HERE.

Sept. 6: Annual All Fellowship Beach Party

Come one, come all to the Annual Beach Party to be held this year on Saturday, September 6th 4:00 PM to dark at South Carlsbad State Beach (aka Ponto Beach). The fare will include hamburgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs (turkey and beef) and vegie bergers with a variety of salads, drinks and deserts. Niel Lynch is the chef assisted by Betsy Gilpin and Bev Conner. We begin cooking at 4PM and stay until dark. $10/person or $25/family (whichever is less). You may have already paid at the time of the auction. If not, pay at the event, but be sure to call or email Betsy Gilpin to sign up so we know how much food to provide: 760-230-2515 or

UUFSD’s Recycling Campaign!

Announcing UUFSD’s Recycling Campaign

Have you noticed the bright blue recycling bins that have popped up at various locations on UUFSD’s grounds? After months of research and planning, the Design Review Committee has brought our waste disposal system up to date. With UUFSD’s goal of ecological sustainability in mind, we ask our members to participate actively in recycling the waste that we produce on our campus.

If EDCO is the waste management company that serves your home, you can recycle at the Fellowship exactly what you recycle at home. For those of you who aren’t familiar with EDCO’s regulations, we are posting signs by the blue bins to guide you. In a nutshell, DO RECYCLE plastic and glass bottles/jars, metal cans, and aluminum foil (all emptied or rinsed of food), and clean paper and cardboard. DON’T RECYCLE paper plates, cups, napkins, paper towels, tissues, cardboard soiled by food, food waste, or plastic bags. KEEPING NON-RECYCLABLE TRASH OUT OF THE BLUE BINS IS AS IMPORTANT AS PUTTING RECYCLABLES INTO THEM. More detailed information is available at EDCO’s website,

RE Director Alison Crotty has eagerly agreed to bring the children into our recycling campaign by teaching them what to toss in the blue bins. If you bring children to UUFSD, please guide them until they learn how to separate waste materials correctly.

Thank you, members, for joining our campaign to make UUFSD’s grounds as sustainable and beautiful as possible!

Oct. 18: Peter Mayer Concert!


Peter Mayer Concert

October 18th in Founders Hall!

Renowned Minnesota singer-songwriter Peter Mayer (‘Blue Boat Home’) “writes songs for a small planet—songs about interconnectedness and the human journey; about the beauty and the mystery of the world. Whimsical, humorous, and profound, his music breaks the boundaries of “folk”, and transcends to a realm beyond the everyday love song, to a place of wonder at the very fact of life itself.” Visit for more on his music.

Tickets are available for purchase
For concert questions, contact: Vicky at

Peter Mayer

July 3: Food Bank Volunteer Night

July 3: Food Bank Volunteer Night

6:00 – 8:00 PM Last month 8,000 lbs. of cans were sorted and 2,500 lbs. of potatoes were bagged for those locally who need a bit of assistance – in just 2 hours! Join us at the next Food Bank Volunteer night on Thursday July 3  from 6 – 8 PM

Anyone over 6 years old can help! It’s always the 1st Thursday of each month. Usually we just put food in boxes on an assembly line – really easy, no lifting, no bending, great camaraderie. This is a wonderful way of helping locally those in need and strengthening our UUFSD community as well. The San Diego Food Bank distributes over 20 million pounds of food annually to individuals, families and a network of nonprofit organizations that work to alleviate hunger throughout San Diego county. They need our help! Email Sara Ohara at if you’re interested in joining us.

San Diego Food Bank

June 15: Congregational Meeting

There will be a Congregational Meeting on June 15th immediately following the 11:00am service in the Amphitheater.

There will only be one service on this day at 11:00am, June 15th, to encourage attendance at the meeting. There will be four very important items on the agenda for discussion and voting:

1. Continuing the two services at the completion of the 9 month pilot period.
2. New board members and the slate of officers.
3. 2014 – 2015 UUFSD Budget.
4. Voting on one position for the Nominating Committee.

As usual, there will be an Ice Cream Social after the meeting with ice cream being served by Rev. David and outgoing Board President John Atcheson.

Also, as an FYI, UUFSD will be going to the summer service schedule beginning on June 29th with one service at 10:00 am through the first Sunday after Labor Day.

June 16: Aging Workshop

Monday, June 16
6:30PM to 8:00PM
Coffee and cookies provided

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito
1036 Solana Drive, Solana Beach

The Pastoral Care group is arranging a series of free educational workshops on
important life transitions. The second workshop will address issues related to

Anyone concerned about issues related to aging (I think that might be
everybody!) will benefit from this workshop with the Director of the County of
San Diego Aging and Independence Services Agency. Open to the public.

Workshop Leader: Ellen Schmeding, M.S., MFT Director, Aging and Independence Services Agency, County of San Diego

For more information: Contact David Naimark at: