UUFSD Stock Donations

Donations of stock and other publically traded securities are easily accomplished through a DTC (electronic) transfer to Vanguard Brokerage Services DTC #0062, for the account of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito account #21126230.Handwritten signature and date may be required. Your broker can do this usually within a few days.

Please advise our Finance Chair Steve Rosen or our Treasurer Glen Boden of the transfer (name of security, number of shares and date transferred) so we can promptly acknowledge your donation. We anticipate an increased volume of transfers with our Capital Campaign going into high gear and year end pledge payments. Transfers must be completed by year end to qualify for a 2015 income tax deduction.

Thank you for your generous donations.

Enjoy Greeting and Welcoming People to our Fellowship?


Once or twice a month come 20 minutes early to a service to GREET people and hand out info to visitors.

Any Sunday you attend a service spend a little time after the service as a PATIO AMBASSADOR getting to know visitors and new members and helping them feel welcome.

Join us on Sunday, December 6th at 12:30 in Library for a brief training session. A light lunch will be provided.

PLEASE RSVP TO LIVIA at livwalsh1@gmail.com in order to help arrange for the luncheon food.

Openings in the 2nd and 4th Wednesday Mens Group

The goal of the Mens Group is to create an environment where men meet and relate to each other with openness and intimacy. We tell the stories of our lives as a way to introduce ourselves to each other. In our meetings, we might not talk about the meaning of life, but we do talk about what is meaningful in our lives. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable and see vulnerability as a strength, in a society where vulnerability is seen as a show of weakness. It allows us to grow spiritually. For more information please contact Richard Macdonald at MensGroup@uufsd.org

Life IS a parade!

Join the 2015 Encinitas Holiday Parade with UUFSD

Location: Coast Highway 101 – Downtown Encinitas
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30 December 5

Parade Committee forming now! We welcome your ideas, craftsmanship, joy and participation. EVERYONE is invited to participate. Skate, bike, walk, wheel or hula your way down Hwy 101 to celebrate an evening with your fellowship community and family. !

We join our neighbors at Encinitas Park and Recreation Department and INVITE YOU to go all out, find something interesting, unique, fun and amazing that shows off what “UUFSD Life” is all about! The 2015 Parade theme is “This IS Encinitas Life!” JOIN THE COMMITTEE TODAY! Contact adrienne@uufsd.org


Harvest of Gratitude — UUFSD Opportunities Fair

Sunday, November 15th 10am-1pm; Patio Area

What does UUFSD have to offer your heart and mind? I’m glad you asked. We listen. We care. We share fellowship! Did you know we have a Book Club AND a poetry club? We also have meditation and Sacred Circle spiritual groups. Enjoy concerts and potlucks and cultural celebrations. And our Social Action Committee does hands-on, advocacy every week. There is an entire committee just for Fun and Fellowship! A committee for fun. What’s not to love?

Join these groups and MANY others! Pancake Brunch. Music. UU Photo Booth

Honoring Vets on Veterans Day — Creating Healing Practices

Panel Presentations, Song, and Poetry Performances
November 11, Veterans Day from 7pm till 9pm.
Palomar Universalist Unitarian Fellowship (PUUF)
1600 Buena Vista Drive
Vista California 92081

Panel of Speakers:
Moderator Major David Cochran, Ret.
• Ron Landsel: Mindfulness Meditation Practice for Healing the Wounds of War: Viet Nam Veteran & Lay Buddhist monk.
• Fred Rivera: Author of Raw Man (Nam war spelled backwards) Pulitzer Prize nominee. Writing as a form of PTSD Recovery
• Diane Williams Callan: Regional Coordinator for “Connected Warriors.” Yoga practice for active duty, veterans and spouses as form of “post traumatic growth.”
• Heather Stuck: Active Duty USMC Force Deployment Planning Specialist and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender activist.
Organized by Edward Carrillo

View the Flyer (.PDF)

Attention Visitors and Potential New Members

On Sunday, September 27 from 12:15-2:00 pm, in Palmer Library there will be a UUFSD ORIENTATION. Please plan on attending if you are interested in learning more about our fellowship or becoming a member. ORIENTATIONS take place 3 times annually.
In addition to the Orientation there are two other steps involved on the path towards membership. Attendance at the New Member Circle which will be held on Saturday, October 3rd 10:00-12:00, in Founders Hall, and Recognition Sunday, when the minister and congregation welcomes new members. Recognition Sunday will be on October 4th during the 11:00 service.

A light lunch will be provided during the ORIENTATION. If childcare is needed please contact Alison Crotty at alison@uufsd.org who will make those arrangements for you.

Contact: Membership@uufsd.org

Attention Visitors Contemplating Membership or Just Curious

UUFSD Orientation Class, Sunday, September 27th, 12:15AM-1:45PM, Palmer Library

This class is an opportunity for those interested in Unitarian Universalism to learn more about UU history, philosophy and world view. Also, Fellowship members will be on hand to tell you a little about our own Fellowship history and operation. A light lunch will be served and childcare is available upon request.

On Saturday, October 3rd from noon-2:00PM there will be a New Member Circle. At this event, those wishing to become members will sign the membership book and complete the membership process. Again, a light lunch will be served and childcare will be available upon request. Then, on Sunday, October 4th, new members will be recognized during the Sunday service. Those interested in membership, please note these dates on your calendar. The next opportunity to participate in these events will be in January. Please call or email Betsy Gilpin (760-230-2515, membership@uufsd.org) for more information and to sign up/request childcare.