Dec. 11 — The Willage at UUFSD

Need more play in your life? The Willage at UUFSD — a group of families helping families — will be holding a playdate from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 11. Come have fun with the children of the fellowship in the playground area while their parents spend a couple of hours running holiday errands. Craft activities, board games and lunch for all will be provided. We need at least four grown-up playmates to lead the fun.

Contact or call 619-398-7275 to volunteer. The families of The Willage thank you!

Apr. 7 — Camp deBenneville Pines

Mark your calendars for our Annual All Fellowship Weekend at Camp deBenneville Pines, April 7-9. With Rev. Meghan and Adrienne McCord planning the festivities, this will be great fun for all ages. This is a sure way for newcomers to get to
know us more deeply. Gorgeous hikes, food, fires in the lodge, singing, dancing, talent show, crafts, and surrounded by beautiful wilderness, this is a spiritual home for many of us. Heated cabins and hot showers mean this is cozy camping.

Registrations will be open in January.

To learn more talk to Adrienne, Diane Masser-Frye, Christie Turner, Chris Faller, or Betsy Gilpin.

Dec. 25 — Christmas/Winter Festival Day Dinner

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Christmas/Hanukkah time and Winter season brings many reasons to celebrate and gather.

Share your love and joy with friends and family this year at the Fellowship Dinner.

Come one, come all from far and near! Share in our merriment and cheer!
The fireplace and candles are lit. The tree is trimmed with lights and ornaments.
The goose is getting fat! Well, we may not have a goose but,
There will be Turkey and Ham and Yams to eat with wine and egg nog to sip.
Please join us for a sumptuous festive feast.

Not Under the stars, or beneath the moon, but during the sun
Will be a WONDERFUL party you won’t forget soon.
A party for all so full of cheer, a room full of people we all hold dear.

So join us for this celebration, Forget all your sorrows, worries, frustration,
A toast to the season and don’t you forget
Sunday December 25 at 1:30 to 4:00

Nov 6 and Nov 13 — Dining 4 Dollar$ Sign-Up Sundays

Sign up for community get togethers and help raise funds for the fellowship between and after service on Sunday, November 6 and Sunday, November 13.

D4$ has about 30 events to choose from—from fine dining to family outings, barbecues, and singalongs.

To see a complete list of events with dates, times, and prices, please visit

If you can’t make it to Sign-Up Sunday on November 6 or 13, but would like to sign up for an event, please contact Glen and Alice at or (760) 721-6327 to make your reservation.

Nov. 13 — “New to UU” Orientation for visitors and prospective members

We invite you to attend this Newcomer “New to UU” event and explore what UUFSD has to offer your heart and mind. This get together is for all visitors… the new visitor, the one-time visitor the long time visitor, the ‘visit now and then’ visitor… If you are curious about our fellowship, interested in learning more about us, and what we can offer you on your spiritual journey- please plan on attending! Join Rev. Meghan and Adrienne, our Director of Connections for refreshments and fellowship.

Engaging our Visitors and Members

I’m looking for teammates to work with me on a few membership related activities, ensure that they are meaningful…that they nurturing our hearts and minds. Have ideas you’d like to see us try? Great!

Join Rev. Meghan, the Membership Team (Betsy, Alejandra, Marylou, Christie, Tanya, Team Usher, and me!) as we meet for a great cause: Engaging our Visitors and Members. YOU ARE INVITED to join us for our first membership meeting and workshop of the year.

It’s a rare event that we all get together so I want to make sure we select a date/time that fits the best, that’s why I’m sending out a Doodle poll before selecting meeting date.

PLEASE fill out the Doodle poll to help us pick a date? Thank you so much!


Oct. 30 — Children’s Trick or Treating for Charity

Sunday, October 30th from 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.

Be prepared to bring your all your loose change on October 30th as the children of the fellowship will be trick or treating to raise money for Heifer Project International. Heifer Project International is a non-profit that works to provide farm animals for families in need in third world countries around the world. If you are an adult we ask that you gather up all your loose change and bring it that day for the trick or treaters. If you a child you are welcome to wear your Halloween costume to the fellowship and help us collect the money for Heifer Project in between services. And if any adult really, really wants to wear a Halloween costume, that’s o.k. too.

Oct. 30 — Pancake Breakfast Brunch Sunday Kickoff

From 10 am – 11 am during Gathering Hour and an encore after second service, if supplies last.

…grab a plate of pancakes, fruit, juice and other goodies and toppings! Hot drinks will also be served.

All inclusive requested donation $7 per adult, $3 children/youth.

We are kicking off our Sunday Brunch Program which is a FUN-draising and fellowship promoting yearlong event. There will be at least 10 brunches held this year on selected Sundays during gathering hour with encore service of brunch whenever possible after second service. Every member and friend of the fellowship can expect an invitation to participate in one of these potluck brunches to help bring food for the brunch or to help with set up or clean up on the day of the event. It’s an opportunity for fun and growing closer in fellowship with other members.

Contact Alison by email: to learn how you can help this year!

Oct. 30 — Last Day to Sign Up to Host a Dining for Dollar$ Event

Do you like to cook scrumptious dinners for a crowd or take friends on a hike? Do you have a skill you’d like to teach, like teaching grandparents how to use Instagram? Or, how about providing a service like babysitting so a couple of parents can get the night off.

These are just some of the events and services you can offer to host for Dining for Dollar$ (D4$)—the fall fundraiser for UUFSD.
How Does Dining for Dollar$ Work?
With D4$, you can host an event, you can participate in an event, or you can do both.

(1) To host an event:

• Fill out the D4$ application no later than October 30: Make sure you select 3 date and time options—from January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017—for when you want your event or service scheduled. If the event or service doesn’t require a scheduled date and time, write or type TBA (to be arranged).

(2) To participate in an event:

• Sign up for events and services on Sign-Up Sundays—November 6 & 13. The D4$ committee will send you a bill. Your host will contact you once you’ve paid for your event. Note: some events may have waiting lists. So, sign up for an event even if it seems completely booked because you might be able to go after all.

Dining for Dollar$ Ideas

Here are some D4$ ideas for you to consider.
• Themed dinner (ethnic food; costumes; wild women; etc)
• Cookout for families
• Cocktails and appetizers
• Picnic in a park or at the beach
• Tea and play-reading
• A day at the zoo with a picnic
• Teach how to cook your favorite recipe and then serve it
• Folk singing and feasting
• A lesson – tennis, art, knitting, gardening, social media
• Poolside luau
• Board games and dessert
• Stress relief – light food, meditation, massage, Jacuzzi
• Watch a movie or sports event with snacks or dinner
• Cupcake baking and decorating
• Poker and barbecue
• Yoga, appetizers, and wine
• Poetry reading and wine in your garden
• Stitch ‘n bitch party
• Karaoke party

If you want to host an event but can’t do the whole thing yourself, let us know and we’ll try to find you a partner(s). One goal of D4$ is to have something for people of all ages, interests, and financial abilities. Think creatively, think fun, think fellowship.

Contact Glen and Alice at or (760) 721-6327 if you have any questions.

Oct. 22 — New Member Workshop

We are so HAPPY you are considering Membership at the fellowship. Save the Date for our “New Member Workshop” for those on the Membership path. Join Rev. Meghan Cefalu, our Director of Connections Adrienne McCord and other fellowship members and leadership for this enriching, joyful learning experience. Contact the office at 858-755-9225 Adrienne for information. Refreshments will be served. Childcare available upon request and RSVP.

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Founders Hall