In September the Environmental Task Force (EJTF) sent out a survey to members. Thank you to everyone who responded. There were three goals for the community at the Fellowship that are overwhelmingly supported by members. They are getting Solar Panels, Potlucks with a Purpose (education and discussion meetings) and Reducing Waste.

In order to WALK our TALK, and live our values, kitchen volunteers have been using only mugs for coffee, water and drinks and using plates and flatware. The should cups fit in the dishwasher for both services if we use paper napkins instead of plates. For events larger than 30 people and anything that doesn’t fit in the dishwasher, we have 3 sinks to use to wash dishes. It would be much appreciated if you would pitch to do dishes for larger events. Since this garnered the most votes from all Fellowship Survey, we hope you can support this effort.

Questions? Suggestions? Debbie Hecht, co-chair of the EJTF at hecht.deb@gmail.com