Stretch Marks—Personal Reflections from 3 “Unfinished” (Evolving) Women

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Sermon in PDF format HERE

Three women from our UUFSD community share personal reflections on their life journeys in celebration of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2015. Emersen is a busy young woman in her early 20s raised by activist parents, who is juggling more than full-time employment while also working on her undergraduate degree. Tiffany is an independent-minded working mother in her late 30s, who reflects on how her views about the role of men in her life have evolved over time, and with the help of an understanding husband. Lisa is an energetic, accomplished, and multi-faceted woman in her early 60s, who shares some lessons she learned from Joan Anderson, whose book “Stretch Marks” provided the theme for this celebration of women. Thoughts shared by Lisa include: “May we all be stretched by the love and courage and compassion we find in ourselves and in our loved ones.”

You can also see the Video HERE